Ready to switch up your lifestyle? Take a month-long breather from the GMO-filled processed food and nourish your body with greens, antioxidants and our detox-certified Biome Medic. This 40-Day immersive experience includes a pack of Core 4 – Nutrition (30 days of daily products) and a 10-Day Transformation.


Self-Care is the New Healthcare

Immerse yourself in our 40-Day Ultimate pack, and let us help you kick-start your body and achieve your health goals. The quality of the food you eat is equal to the quality of the life you live. Start living the life you deserve.


Supports cleansing and elimination


Floods the body with pure phytonutrients from powerful greens, fruits and plants


Easily customize to fit your lifestyle

Healthy Living

Helps create healthy eating habits

40-Day Ultimate- Nutrition Products

2 Power Shakes

Energize, alkalize and nourish your body with superfoods like spirulina, broccoli, chia seeds and more 

2 Biome Medics

Supports microbiome health and protects the gut from GMO's, with exclusive and proprietary formula of pre- and probiotics 

2 Super Amino 23's

Pre-digested vegetarian protein comprised of free crystalline amino acids, which can be absorbed in the bloodstream in 23 minutes 

  • Helps neutralize the negative of starchy foods
  • Supports the digestive system
  • Encourages healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels 
  • Awarded Gold Seal by the Detox Project as a glyphosate detox solution
  • Decreased glyphosate by 74% in a double-blind trial
  • Decreased inflammatory marker, C-reacive protein, by 75% in a double-blind trial 
  • Encourages recovery of muscle strength, volume and endurance
  • Supports protein synthesis
  • Helps minimizes body fat 

2 Apothe-Cherries

Fresh bitter cherries contain a wide variety of unique antioxidants and phytochemicals

1 Super CleansR

Special plant-blend of wormwood, marshmallow root, black walnut hull and more 

  • Helps balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep
  • Supports healthy joint function
  • Can promote healthy uric acid metabolism
  • Supports gentle cleansing
  • Helps reduce constipation
  • Creates an unwelcome environment for parasites





Why People Love our 40-Day Program


“This 40-day program changed everything for me!

This powerful nutrition kick started many healthy habits and helped me let go of unhealthy ones. I have never felt so good and I have more muscle on my body than I have ever had. I have carried on with the Core 4 and I can't imagine my life without it anymore.”

– Laurea via iShopPurium.com 

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