WYR: Customer Referrals

April WYR Customer Referral Promo

April 25 - April 30
Through the end of April, we are TRIPLING GQV points meaning you will receive 75 GQV for every referral. Leverage this promo to reward yourself and your customers, and close out your month strong! 
  • 300 GQV points per week - 4 submissions
  • 100 GQV points per month (200 for Fast Start) - 10 submissions 
  • 1000 Rewards Points per customer per month - 1 monthly submission
*Reminder: Saturday, April 30 starts a new week. This is an opportunity for 300 extra points in this 1 day. Upload 4 submissions on April 30 for 300 extra points.
Point for any submissions before midnight Friday, April 29, if approved, will be uploaded Saturday, April 30.
Points for any submissions on Saturday, April 30, if approved, will be uploaded Monday, May 2 (but will be counted retroactively in April's GQV)
Promo ends Saturday, April 30 at 11:59 PT.

Did you know that your CUSTOMERS (who are not yet Brand Partners) can help you fill your funnel?

That’s right! Have your Customers Widen Your Reach of prospects. 

What's in it for you (the Brand Partner)? GQV Points. New prospects for your funnel. Potentially a new Brand Partner (if your Customer is interested in Upgrading due to the amount of prospects they have).

What's in it for your Customer? $10 off next purchase. Finding supportive friends on IG and FB. Potentially earning commission if they have 3+ more prospects (they can Upgrade to a Brand Partner).

--- HOW IT WORKS ---

  1. When your Customer gets their ULT, ask them “Do you want to get a $10 off coupon for your next Purium purchase? It’s SUPER easy and you might discover some followers who want to start their own ULT journey!”
  2. If they say “Yes!” or “How?”
  3. Respond with, “Make a spoon post on IG or FB. Just take a cute photo (or use mine) of a tablespoon full of Power Shake. Write a caption (or use my sample). Just tag me in both the photo and caption."
    1. IMPORTANT: It MUST be a POST (Stories DO NOT qualify). Plus, we have photos, captions and an infographic for you to use!  See  the "Toolkit" section below.
  4. When they post it to FB or IG, take a screenshot of the post and upload it via the new WYR: Customer Referral Submission Form (in iLearn -> Current Promos & Specials). 
    1. If submission is approved: Your customer will automatically get their 1000 Rewards Points. Your 25 QV Points will be added by the following Tuesday.
    2. If submission is not approved: You will receive a personal email explaining why. If it can be fixed, we encourage you to do so and resubmit!
  5. FOLLOW-UP: All those likes/comments are prospects. Directly reach out to each one and start a friendly conversation. Ask your Upline for coaching on how to talk to a new person if this is something new for you! 
  6. Talk to your Customer about an Upgrade: If there are 3 or more strong prospect leads, ask your customer "Do you want your own referral code so you can earn commission?"
  7. Future Rewards: If they enjoyed this promo, be sure to let them know that after their 30 Days, they can earn up to $20 off in Rewards Points.
    1. Post their Before/After Photos and Review on FB/IG and tag you to submit to WYR Customer Referrals to earn $10 off
    2. Upload Before/After Photos and Review to the ULT (or other pack) product page on iShopPurium.com to earn $10 off (Share the “Rewards for Review flyer”)

*** I M P O R T A N T ***

  • Brand Partners: You can ONLY have your CUSTOMERS post product pics/captions to qualify
  • Brand Partners: YOU must have a Smart Order on file. 
  • The Customer's Post MUST be a social post on their Facebook OR Instagram feed/page, NOT a story.
  • The Customer's Post MUST be on Facebook or Instagram only
  • Max Customer Posts (per Customer): Each customer can post 1 Referral Post each month.
  • Max Approved Submissions & GQV Points: 4 per week Max = 100 GQV // 10 per month Max = 100 GQV
  • Fast Start Incentive: 4 per week Max = 100 GQV // 10 per month Max = 200 GQV

\ \ \ TOOLKIT / / /

FOR BRAND PARTNER: "WYR Customer Referral" Infographic


FOR CUSTOMER: "Post a Product Pic & Get $10 Off" Infographic

FOR CUSTOMER: "Share your Transformation Journey: Post a Product Pic, Get $10 off" Blog

FOR BRAND PARTNER: Get a caption and image to share with Customer for them to use in this Google Slide Deck.

FOR BRAND PARTNER: Use the Weekly Tracker, Funnel & Prospect list to keep track of your income-producing activities and who you have talked to.

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