WYR: Customer Referrals

Are you inspired by helping people create and maintain their personal transformation? Do you love developing those relationships?  If so, any number of your customers could lead you to your next Brand Partner or become one themselves.

It’s not uncommon for Purium customers - who’ve experienced life-changing results on the products - to willingly share their experience on social media with family and friends. That’s why Purium is a proven, referral-based business. 

And to support you in receiving more referrals, Purium developed the WYR Customer Referral Program. 

Benefits for your CUSTOMER: 

  • Earn $10 off their next purchase
  • Influence family and friends by sharing their results on a social media post
  • Potentially earn commissions when their online community shows interest. This can inspire them to become a Brand Partner. 

Benefits for YOU: 

  • Group Qualifying Volume of (GQV) 25 points
  • Authentic exposure to your customer’s social media community highlighting Purium 
  • Potentially develop a new Brand Partner should the interest inspire them to enroll - or perhaps receive a great referral.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. During follow-up - once your customer confirms they love the products - simply ask them “How would you like to get $10 off your next Purium purchase?” 
    2. If they say “Yes!” or “How?” share the following:
  • “All you have to do is make a post on IG or FB. Just post a fun selfie of you and your power shake (or any Purium product) with a little caption on why you love it. OR I can make this even easier. I can send you a photo and a caption to post!  Just be sure to tag me in both the photo and the caption.  OR you can do a quick reel holding your shake and saying why you love it! That’s super easy and fun!”

Example reach out script: 

“Hey {NAME}! Just wanted to say how thrilled I am with your ULT results! Well done! Regarding your maintenance plan, I want to help you save $10 off your next order. It’s super easy. Let’s save you some $ and keep your transformation going!  Shoot me a text and we’ll connect.


  • Be sure to remind your customer it can be a REEL or a POST; stories do not qualify. 
  • Purium has photos and captions they can use.
    • Visit our Google Slide Deck below.
    • Visit Boards > Corporate Support > Business Promotions > WYR Customer Referrals > Referral Posts
  • Once their post is LIVE on FB or IG, take a screenshot of the post and upload it to the WYR: Customer Referral Submission Form (back office under the tab Response Forms).
    • If their submission is approved, your customer will automatically get their 1000 Rewards Points, and your GQV Points will be added by the end of the week. 
    • To earn points, the post must remain LIVE on your customer’s social media site for at least 7 days.
    • If their submission is not approved, you’ll receive an email explaining why and how you can correct the issue and resubmit.

Follow-up: The Fun Continues!

  • As the post creates Likes and Comments, be sure to reach out to each person who engages and start a friendly conversation. If this is new for you, talk to your Sponsor or upline leader for direction. 
  • As the interest grows, be sure to reach out to your customer and talk about it. If there are three or more interested prospects, ask your customer,

“How would you like to earn more discounts? We could even get you a referral code so you can earn commission. You have options. I think we should circle back.” 

This opens the door to a conversation about upgrading to a Brand Partner. If the timing is right, and they are interested in sharing Purium, this is a great next step. Be sure to mention any existing promotions currently running, for example, complimentary enrollment. 

Rules & Regs

  • WYR: Customer Referrals are submitted through the back office. 
  • Brand Partners: Your personally enrolled customer must make the post to qualify
  • Brand Partners: You must have a Smart Order of 50 BV on file. 
  • Brand Partners: If you are submitting on another's behalf, please make sure you are logged into their back office before submitting.
  • The customer's post must be a social post or reel on their Facebook OR Instagram feed/page, NOT a story.
  • The customer's Post must be on Facebook or Instagram only.
  • Each Submission will be reviewed by corporate for approval and compliance.
  • Each Customer Referral post must have its own Instagram or Facebook account (Customer Referral posts shared on the same Instagram or Facebook account will not be accepted).
  • Maximum customer posts: Each customer can post 1 Referral Post each month.
  • Maximum approved submissions and GQV points: 4 per week maximum = 100 GQV // 10 monthly maximum = 200 GQV (FS 100 regular)


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FOR BRAND PARTNER: "WYR Customer Referral" Infographic


FOR CUSTOMER: "Post a Product Pic & Get $10 Off" Infographic

FOR CUSTOMER: "Share your Transformation Journey: Post a Product Pic, Get $10 off" Blog

FOR BRAND PARTNER: Get a caption and image to share with Customer for them to use in this Google Slide Deck.

FOR BRAND PARTNER: Use the Weekly Tracker, Funnel & Prospect list to keep track of your income-producing activities and who you have talked to.


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