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For over 25 years, Purium has been championing organic, plant-based and non-GMO superfoods.

Two decades ago, Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner shared a unified belief that raw, organic foods should be both accessible and affordable for everyone, and it should be sustainable and conscious to Mother Earth. Convenient foods are often filled with artificially and genetically-modified ingredients.

“I looked around and saw the world eating and drinking foods that were polluting their bodies…and that needed to change," Dave  shares, "so I decided to be the change.''

No one should have to compromise their health for convenience.

With only a small space and a few products to start, Dave and Amy hand-selected organic farmers from all over the world to help produce pure and premium superfoods. This is how Purium's name was made: Pure + Premium.

We blend, bottle and ship convenient superfood-nutrition straight to your door.

Since their humble beginnings, they've grown their network of organic farmers, to an expansive organic superfoods line and a culture of life-changing advocacy. Purium has become The Transformation Company, because "the quality of food you eat is equal to the quality of life you live," just like Dave and Amy say. Even during a global health crisis, Purium kept their doors open, ingredients blended and products shipping to support optimal health for those you depended on it. 

HQ is located in a 40,000 square foot, fully-automated manufacturing facility with over 100 employees and 20 packs and products.

With Dave and Amy at the helm, Purium corporate operates as a family with 6 Core Values that drive every decision, in every department: Quality, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Customer-Oriented, and of course, Teamwork. 

Learn about the owners:

Learn about Purium's Food & Product Philosophy:

Learn about Purium's Environmental Philosophy & Initiatives:


A Referral business model that pays equally and fairly because Dave & Amy manufacture their own products.

Just as committed to organic standards and high-quality products, Purium is equally committed to providing fair compensation to those who are changing the world for the better. While corporations spend money for eye-level shelf space in stores, we provide money to those who are authentically living and sharing Purium products. 

Passionate to solve the economic crisis, Dave and Amy launched this referral business model in 2004. This allows every Brand Partner to have their own Superfoods store with their own unique Gift Code to share Purium. First-time customers or Brand Partners receive $50 off or 25% (greatest discount is always given). 

When you buy a Purium product, you help empower a health advocate.

That Gift Code is how we ensure each Brand Partner receives commission for every purchase made from Customers (4 levels down) and Brand Partners (10 levels down).

As a Purium Brand Partner, you are paid every week and month for bringing Purium into people's daily lives and helping them transform their entire world. Work a few hours a week to cover the cost of your products or work 10+ hours a week to earn residual income that pays like a full-time job. The time you dedicate is up to you, so results do vary. 

  • Affiliates earn 20% on every Customer order plus $50 bonus for $1000 in monthly Customer orders
  • FAST Start Bonuses plus $1500 in cash plus $1500 matching bonuses
  • 4 levels of pay on Customer orders plus 10 levels of pay on Brand Partner orders plus Cash Bonuses, Infinity Bonuses, Pools & more
  • Additional Bonus Opportunities 

Learn about the Compensation Plan:

What Every BP Should Know About the Compensation Plan: This business blog outlines the the key points and has answers to FAQs regarding commissions. The Rewards of Rank Advancing is another helpful blog, too. 

Fast StartEarn $2500 for achieving Consultant, Director, Executive and Diamond. Must have a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.

Fast Start MatchEarn $1500 for helping your new Brand Partners advance to Consultant, Director and Executive! Must have a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.

Purium's Compensation PlanThis guide clearly outlines commission earnings, how and when you get paid, what bonuses can be earned and the current maximum earnings of top leaders.

Share the Purium Compensation Opportunity:

Make Money from Your PhoneThis video highlights the benefits of being a Brand Partner.

Our Opportunity This landing page on highlights the key benefits of being a Brand Partner. It also includes the video above.

Give $50 Off PuriumAnother landing page that highlights the key benefits of sharing with your unique Gift Code.

Share Business Success Stories

We are proud to provide an equal opportunity that delivers both financial and personal empowerment. Purium's Success Stories are proof that your success is NOT determined by your background, education level or location. Share these stories and the possibility that all prospects can begin making life-changing income by next week. 

Business Success Stories: Easily find countless stories of diverse people who have all found success with Purium. These short stories and videos come from Dave & Amy's weekly Business Opportunity zooms, where they invite a Brand Partner guest to share their story. 

Vimeo: Purium The Transformation Company: Find the countless clips of passionate and success Brand Partners to inspire someone to enroll.

Business Success Stories: Easily share this landing page from to validate the longevity of our legacy leaders with Purium and the new emerging leaders.  

Business Success VideoThis video of real Purium leaders is more validation that the success you can find at Purium can be on-going and ever-growing.


Let Your 'Why' drive you to be open and share your story in an authentic, enthusiastic and organic way.

Your “why” is the engine of your business. It keeps you on track. It keeps you motivated. It points you towards the life you want and deserve. Uncover your “why” and the “how” becomes so much easier with this worksheet.

Now imagine that you spent $500,000 on your Purium business (not $500). Who would you invite to join you? Who would you hire as your Management Team? You know so many awesome people. Let’s make that list and go talk to them!

Learn more about Your Why:

Sharing your personal journey with the Purium experience will drive your sales. This story will evolve as you continue your wellness journey. Stay authentic, be open, and don’t be afraid to share your vulnerability. The more honest you are, the more you will build credibility and spark curiosity.

Learn more about Your Story:

Spark Curiosity & Engagement with Social Stories & Posts

Whether you just launched your business or are a Crown leader, creating a social media presence is key to short-term and long-term success. 



Leverage Your Time & Gain Skills with Money Map Zooms, Leslie Zann Training & Purium's Prospecting Zooms

Our weekly virtual events are packed with the crucial details, opportunities and even special prizes to help you AND your Brand Partners, Customers and prospects get the BEST out of Purium! 

Each one is a special virtual event and has a special purpose and audience. The best way to get all the unique details you need, use these tools:

  • Event Page: Easily sync the Upcoming Events Calendar to your phone and/or change the “View” option to have the calendar appear in the visual way you prefer.


  • Crown Trainings 2021: From Widen Your Reach & Social Media to Smart Order & Retention, these valuable Crown trainings can help you and your team succeed.
  • Leslie Zann Playbook: Get recaps and links to replays. 
  • Leslie Zann Video Clips: A collection of 1-minute clips from Leslie Zann Trainings.
  • Money Map Clips: Corporate leaders Debbie & Amelia give the current news, tips and strategies.
  • Fierce Fridays: The Million Mom Movement is leading with activism and invites you to join and invite others to take action.
  • Tips from the Top Leaders 2020: A collection of excellent trainings and insight from Purium leaders who are just like you.
  • Business Success Stories: Easily find countless stories of diverse people who have all found success with Purium. These short stories and videos come from Dave & Amy's weekly Business Opportunity zooms, where they invite a Brand Partner guest to share their story. 
  • Vimeo: Purium The Transformation Company: Find the countless clips of passionate and successful Brand Partners to inspire someone to enroll.
  • Business Success Stories: Easily share this landing page from to validate the longevity of our legacy leaders with Purium and the new emerging leaders. 
  • Virtual Events & Zooms Calendar is the home to all our weekly zoom recording links (scroll all the way to right to find). 

Track your Income-Producing Activities (IPAs) & Keep Moving Your Prospects closer to Sign-Up

This Weekly Funnel, Tracker and Prospect worksheet is key to staying up-to-date with your business activities. Use this guide to track your most important business activities and to easily coach your own Brand Partners to do the same. 


Our business promos & incentives inspire the activities to do to achieve your goals. PLUS, they can boost you to the NEXT rank! 


Widen Your Reach Tips & DetailsIf you are a NEW Brand Partner, you will want to leverage the Widen Your Reach #phpLive2021 incentive. Must have a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more. (FAST Start Incentive Only) 

Fast StartEarn $2500 for achieving Consultant, Director, Executive and Diamond. Must have a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.


Fast Start MatchEarn $1500 for helping your new Brand Partners advance to Consultant, Director and Executive! Must have a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.

UBT2021: Every week: Inspire 3 NEW* people to purchase an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (or one of the other Featured Packs) AND get them to sign-up with a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.

WYR: Customer Referrals: Keep your funnel of new prospects full with this amazing promo. Not only can your Customers earn $10 off of Purium products, they may drum up enough interest that they want to upgrade to a Brand Partner. You must have a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.


Rewards Points & Rewards for Reviews: This blog explains Purium's Rewards Points, which are just like Purium dollars (1000 Points = $10 off and if you save to 3000 Points = $40 off). Plus, when someone completes a ULT (or other 30-day featured pack), they can submit their before/after photos with a compliant and compelling review to the product page on and earn 1000 Rewards Points.

 Smart Order and 3 & FreeThis blog explains how Smart Order (monthly subscription program) rewards you for committing to your nutrition on a monthly basis. If you want to earn a free product every 4th month, learn about 3 & Then Free, too!

After 26-years of superfoods and business, we are happy to share all the help and support we can offer with both.


Product Blog Product Frequently Asked Questions: You and customers may have LOTS of questions and Dave & Amy already have most of the answers. Search inside this blog to find the details you need.

Lifestyle Guide: From the issues that inspired Purium products to the solutions we created, this lifestyle catalog is an excellent to support to anyone on a 30-day program and/or interested in learning more about Purium's Transform, Maintain and Refine collections. Includes QR codes (scan with your Smart Phone camera and click on the link that appears) that link to quick support and more information.

Facebook Support Group Purium Lifestyle Transformation SupportUse the search bar, Guides, Files and more in our Support group to get answers to your questions or find the details you need. Post your progress and encourage others who are transforming to spread the superfood joy.

Product Blog: This blog is not just for marketing, but resources, too! Looking for a schedule? Search here! What about details about a certain product? Search for it!

Recipes Guide: Inspire yourself and your customers with Purium product recipes.

Product Portfolios: These portfolios contain product fact sheets, videos, social tools, PHE compatible products, and more. Updated Weekly and starting with the Head to Toe collection.


(also available on the Support page @


Returns & Will Call

Edit or Cancel an Existing Order: If you need to modify your order, sign in at and go to your order history. The EDIT option becomes available approximately 20 minutes after completing your order. Act quickly as it goes away once the order begins processing. 

Smart Order and 3 & FreeCustomers can login to iShop and use the "Smart Order" feature. Click on the Smart Order tab to modify. Brand Partners can create, edit or cancel your Smart Order in  under the "Smart Order" tab.

Rewards Points & Rewards for Reviews

Enrolling or Upgrading to Brand Partner: Easily enroll as a New Brand Partner at Easily Upgrade from a Customer to a Brand Partner when you Login at and select the Upgrade button. For extra support, watch the Training Video: 

Placing An Order: Customers can go to and login to your account. Use the "Reset Password" function to have a password link sent to you. Your email address is your user name. Brand Partners, you may also place an order in your back office at under the shop tab. If you have forgotten your user name or password, it can be emailed to you and / or reset by using the links.

Track your Order: Log into The "My Account" tab displays order history. Click on the order number to display tracking #. Your tracking number will be emailed to you once your order has been shipped. Use the FedEx Delivery Manager App: Most of Purium's orders are sent via FedEx. Download their Delivery Manager App to use these great features: 

    • Get tracking updates (via text message)
    • Request package be held at “hold facility”
    • Request a special delivery time (for a fee)
    • Add delivery notes
    • Set vacation time for all deliveries
    • Request to hold your package for 14 days (this is the longest consecutive time period; must wait 6 days to do another hold)
    • Use the FedEx “Virtual Assistant” and Customer Chat 



(also available on the Support page @

We are here for you! To get the quickest service, use one of the forms and self-service options from the lists below. Provide as many details as possible for resolution without waiting for a call back. 

  • Explain your issue with as many details as possible.

  • For missing/damaged: Upload photos and avoid waiting for a callback. 

  • Communicate with Customer Care and get your order issues resolved.

Missing / Damaged ProductsWe take great pride in our work and sometimes mistakes happen. Purium is committed to make it right.

Order & Account ModificationsDo you have questions about your order, Smart Order, or account? Use our Customer Care form for account maintenance, such as editing
and cancelling orders, and upgrading.

Special AttachmentsDo you have documentation to submit to Purium? Upload (max of 2) for tax ID, name change, business formation documents, etc., using the above form.


Phone App Support

Purium Releases & Updates: Stay up-to-date with this Purium Google Sheet. It's a running list of all the new product launches, marketing materials, tech updates, product stock-outs (if any) and more!

Back Office Guide: A business blog with a comprehensive guide that outlines how to navigate and use the reports to grow your business. 

Policies & Procedures: Please be aware, we continue to update our Policies and Procedures and those new updates can be found in the Google Doc Purium Policies and Procedures Addendums & Code of Ethics 2021. At the end of the year, we will update the 2020 Policies & Procedures

Business Blog: Want to know more about a promo? Do you need to find a link to a marketing asset or business tool? Search the blog!

Got expert questions?

  • Join Money Map Monday to ask Debbie, Amelia and business leaders your questions. Watch previous clips here.
  • Ask Purium is a way to submit a question to Dave & Amy. Please expect 2 weeks for answers. 

Stay Connected To Purium With Google Tools!

This Google Folder has a number of tools for you. From zooms and training recaps to recognition and success stories, details are at your fingertips! Bookmark this link so you can quickly find the info you need.

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