Business Promos: Widen Your Reach & UBT2021

There’s A LOT of excitement with these promos and programs. Do you know how to leverage, take action and then coach your team to do the same? Helpful tip: Make daily, weekly and monthly goals to help you stay on track.

Join the weekly zooms Money Map Monday and Leslie Training Tuesday to ask questions and learn how to best leverage these promos!

If you are new to Purium, be sure you get with your Upline and leverage these promos to help you achieve the Fast Start bonuses

Widen Your Reach:

Step out of your comfort zone and GO LIVE with your story, tips, and Purium love. 

Don’t be shy! Remember to take a screenshot and submit them to the Widen Your Reach form in iLearn so you earn extra UBT Points! If you haven't started, here are a few inspiring prompts:

  • Why did you start Purium?
  • What are your health goals?
  • Do you have any obstacles in your way? If so, how will you overcome them?
  • Do you have any tips for fitness, family, cleansing, meal prep, etc?


Go LIVE today! Minimum 3 times per week

Qualify by sharing personal and prospecting videos to a wide audience from your own social media profile or your Zoom (must be a one-to-many method).

Videos must be of you, the Brand Partner, and not professionally produced. The word "live" is more about being candid in your video, and making it a very personal share.  This includes: IG & FB Stories, IG & FB Lives, IG & FB video posts (of yourself), IG Reels, TikTok videos, YouTube videos, and Zoom Meetings.

Take a screenshot of it. If your published video will only be visible for a limited time, make sure you take the screenshot BEFORE it disappears (like IG Stories).

Boomerangs, GIFs & photos do not qualify, but are still excellent social media posts that grow your followers and engagement!

Read the full Widen Your Reach flyer for all the details (and in Phone App & iLearn “Promos & Specials”)

Are you a new Brand Partner? MAXIMIZE your first 10 days with Widen Your Reach.

Easily earn $100 Consultant Bonus in 10 days with Purium's Widen Your Reach & Mega Zoom plan. You don’t need to be a Purium expert to start sharing in a MEGA way with this easy 3-step plan.



  • Gain New Customers and Brand Partner Upgrades/Enrollments in 2021
  • Increase Smart Order sign-ups & help your team rank faster (before 1 month)

Every week, get 3 NEW* people to purchase one of the Featured Product Packs who have an ACTIVE Smart Order of 50 BV or more, and get 500 BONUS UBT Points added to your Group Qualifying Volume (GQV) that Friday! Have 10 new people purchase a Featured Pack by the end of the month who have an ACTIVE Smart Order of 50 BV or more, and you will get 1000 BONUS UBT Points added towards your GQV. This bonus boost in GQV can accelerate your rank achievement goals!

*New = Enroll or Upgrade January 2, 2021 or later. 

Featured Packs:

  • Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation
  • Optimal Immune Support 
  • Holistic Fitness 
  • Family Nutrition


Are you a new Brand Partner? LEVERAGE UBT2021 to earn Fast Start rank achievements. 

Enroll a mix of new Brand Partners (BP) and Customers (offering the path that best suits them) to get to Director quickly:

  • Week 1 = 2 customers + 1 BP.
  • Week 2 = 2 BPs + 1 Customer. Then achieve Director rank with the $400 bonus!

Read the full UBT2021 Flyer for all the details (and in Phone App & iLearn “Promos & Specials”)

Want more?

Leslie Zann’s training with 2-Star Crown Cindi Kelly gave an excellent breakdown to MAXIMIZE and duplicate these two promos (watch here).  

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