Widen Your Reach: Rules & Objectives

Go LIVE with Purium #phplive2021 

Earn 33 bonus UBT Points (QV) each time you submit a new and unique presentation via the submittal process in iLearn. 3 maximum per week (99 QV Points max). If you are a new Brand Partner, you can earn even more QV Points with the WYR Fast Start Incentive! 

Points are uploaded 3 times (M, W, F) by 6 pm PT. Month end, the points are uploaded by 6 pm PT (on the next business day). 


Why do we love this promo?

Going live with your Purium lifestyle stories W I D E N S your REACH of prospects. We incentivize you to push past fears by giving you extra Qualifying Volume (QV) points to help move you on to your next rank and income level.

This is our #1 promo that has shifted mindsets, shattered glass ceilings and has helped rank advance tons of Brand Partners - quickly!  From legacy Brand Partners to newbie Consultants, everyone has felt the residual effects from this game-changing activity. 


Who qualifies?

Active Brand Partners (BP) with 50 BV (minimum) Smart Order on file are eligible. Plus, 

the QV Points (qualifying volume) goes Upline 8 levels!


How do you start?

Step out of your comfort zone and GO LIVE with your story, tips, and Purium love. Talk about products, business, lifestyle or anything Purium-related that creates fresh exposure and engagement. It doesn’t have to be Purium-branded, but just related to one of Purium’s many topics: nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, eco-friendly, lifestyle freedom, financial empowerment, enabler of life dreams,  etc.

Any type of “one-to-many” presentation counts:

  • Go live, do a reel or post a video on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube (use the hashtag #phplive2021).
  • Host a prospecting Zoom event (co-host with someone in your team to increase guest list).
  • Boomerangs, GIFs & photos do not qualify, but are still excellent social media posts that grow your followers and increase engagement to get more views when you do go live.

Videos must be of you (or with your voice/narration) the Brand Partner, and not professionally produced. The word "live" is to direct you to be candid in your video, making it a very personal share. 


How do you submit and qualify to earn the extra QV Points?

Take a screenshot of your presentation/video. If your published video will only be visible for a limited time, make sure you take the screenshot BEFORE it disappears (like IG Stories).

Login to iLearn and click the link “Please click the link to access the Widen Your Reach submission form.” It is on the homepage of iLearn, above the “Get Started” module.

Fill out the submission form with the following details:

  • Platform where presentation occurred – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, TikTok, etc.
  • Account / Group / Page the presentation was made on
  • Date presentation occurred
  • Time presentation occurred
  • Topic – Product, lifestyle, business, other with definition
  • Screenshot of presentation upload
  • Link to the presentation if applicable


  • By submitting a presentation, all participants legally acknowledge that their image may be used in conjunction with the promotion of Purium products and/or business.
  • Each submission should be a UNIQUE Video or Presentation. The same video will not count by resubmitting on multiple platforms.
  • Presentations will be verified and must contain #phplive2021 if on social media.
  • If your submission qualifies AND your have an Active Smart Order of 50 BV or more, your points will be given on the next Monday, Wednesday or Friday by 6 pm PT.
  • Weekly time period will be Saturday at 12:01am PT until the following Friday at 11:59 pm PT.
  • Limit 3 awards of 33 Points per week.
  • Once 10 submissions are received, 100 Bonus QV will be awarded with the next batch of awards and posted on the date of the 10th submission. Limit 1 award of 100 QV per month.
  • Monthly period is based on calendar months and closes at 11:59pm PT on the last day each month.

  • Boomerangs, GIFs & photos do not qualify, but are still excellent social media posts that grow your followers and increase engagement to get more views when you do go live.

New Brand Partner can DOUBLE the Monthly Points! 

When you enroll into Purium as a Brand Partner, it is the BEST time to prospect because others will be so curious about your new journey and results. Go live with 10 videos in the first 10 days every calendar month in your Fast Start window and DOUBLE your WYR QV Points (Monthly Reward). Not only will you increase your prospect funnell, but you will accelerate your rank qualifications. 


First 10 Days Max:

+99 points (Week 1 Reward)

+99 points (Week 2 Reward; within first 10 days)

+100 points (Month Reward)

+100 points (Fast Start Month Reward)

= 398 QV points


Monthly Fast Start Max = 596 QV

+ 396 Points (99 x 4 weeks)

+ 100 Monthly Bonus Points

+ 100 Fast Start Bonus Points

= 596 QV points


Things to know:

  • Incentive Qualification Period: 3+ months from Enrollment / Upgrade date.
  • Host 10 lives in the first 10 days to help you achieve Fast Start Consultant and beyond. 
  • Earn 398 UBT QV Points out of the 1000 needed to achieve Fast Start Consultant!
  • Monthly bonus closes with month end, so do 10 every month you are in the Fast Start window to maximize your earnings.

Be sure to get with your Upline and leverageWYR Fast Start and how it can help you achieve the Fast Start bonuses.



Example WYR Calendar of Maximum Points & Earnings  with UBT2021

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