What Every Brand Partner Should Know About The Compensation Plan

business training Feb 26, 2021

The key to success at Purium is leveraging the Compensation Plan to maximize your commission checks. We know it may be confusing to a network marketing newbie, but don't worry because we are here to help! 

To ensure you earn the most out of your Brand Partner business, you will want a minimum Smart Order of 50BV. You will also want your Brand Partners and even Customers to do the same, for select promotions. 

2021 New Additions:

  • New Fast Start Diamond Bonus $1000: Achieve Diamond rank in first 3+ months of enrollment/upgrade. No Fast Start Matching Bonus. (For more, see Page 3 in the Compensation Plan)
  • First Order Bonus for BPs & Customers – ANY first order placed by a Customer OR Brand Partner will payout 20% of the product subtotal. The BV will pay 5% upline 4 levels. (For more, see Page 4 in the Compensation Plan)
  • First Order Bonus (for Upgraded BPs): If a Customer upgrades to a Brand Partner, it will payout as an Upgrade Bonus – 25% of the BV to the Enroller and 5% of the BV upline 3 levels.  (For more, see Page 4 in the Compensation Plan)

Signing Up Customers Vs. Brand Partners

Share your true authentic experience. We equally love both Customers and Brand Partners. Purium believes it is important to meet people where they are at so we let our prospects choose their own paths. It's up to you to help choose the right path for your prospects.

  • If they are ready to jump into making money, then you should enroll them at puriumenrollment.com as a Brand Partner.
  • If they want to try products first, then you should have them sign up at iShopPurium.com as a Customer. Customers can ALWAYS Upgrade to be a Brand Partner in their iShopPurium.com Account.  

Fast Start & Matching Bonuses

Earn $2500 in Fast Start Bonuses & $1500 in Matching Bonuses! Fast Start is a bonus path that includes Consultant, Director, Executive and Diamond ranks that can earn a new Brand Partner up to $2500 in bonuses alone in their first 90 days. Going fast is the most fun, profitable and proven way to achieve long-term success. 

A new Brand Partner has a limited-time to achieve each of these ranks for the first time. When they achieve it in the correct time-frame, they get a cash bonus added to their weekly (Consultant Fast Start bonus) or monthly (all other Fast Start bonuses) commission check!

Don’t worry! If Consultant, Director Executive you are achieved outside do not the Fast Start window, you will still earn an Achievement Bonus (see Page 6 of Compensation Plan). 

If you are not a new Brand Partner and you qualify, you can also earn a "Matching Bonus" when you have a new personally enrolled Brand Partner earn their Fast Start bonuses (only for Consultant, Director and Executive). Earn up to $1500 in with the Fast Start Matching Bonuses.

IMPORTANT: ALL Achievement Bonuses pay out only one time. The Achievement Bonuses are ONE-TIME bonuses that you earn the first month you achieve the rank of Consultant, Director or Executive. As you move up in rank, we reward you for your achievement the first month you achieve it. If you advance to Director and Executive in the same month, you will receive both Achievement Bonuses in that month.

Fast Start: QV & BV

A customer has 1+ months from the date of any ULT, Daily Core 4 or featured pack to upgrade to a Brand Partner. For example, if they purchased on September 2, they have until October 31 to take advantage of the complimentary upgrade to BP. 

Regarding QV, the launch pack has 50 Q, so no matter when they upgrade they will be considered an ACTIVE Associate with 50 QV. Their FAST Start period starts the minute they upgrade/become a Brand Partner. If they purchased a ULT earlier in the month, that volume will NOT count towards Fast Start.

Only the 50 QV will count towards Fast Start. That is why we encourage everyone to use the Consultant Fast Start report in the Back Office as that will display the correct Fast Start volume.  

IF the Customer upgrades in the same month as their ULT purchase, the 220 BV will count towards their GV for “regular” rank advancement, just NOT Fast Start rank advancement. 

IF the Customer upgrades in the following month and doesn’t place another product purchase, they will only have the 50 BV of the Launch Pack to count towards their GV  and Fast Start GV. IF they enroll as a BP with a ULT, they get both 220 + 50 QV for Fast Start

K Club Bonuses

Brand Partners earn $50 extra for every $1000 in personally enrolled customer orders. The K Club Bonus is calculated on the subtotal (not including shipping and tax) of personally enrolled customer orders within a calendar month.


  • 1K Club = $50
  • 2K Club = $100
  • 3K Club = $150

IMPORTANT: Items with 0 BV (sales aid, event tickets, etc) are not included in K Club Bonus calculations.  

The Perks of Achieving Diamond 

Our Fast Start path is an incentive to help get new Brand Partners to Diamond which is when residual income begins to kick in. "Residual Income" is the kind of money you earn from your downline Brand Partners' activities. Here are few things that set Diamond apart from the beginner ranks. 

Commission & Purium Perks:

  • Lifestyle Bonuses 
  • Profit Sharing Pools 
  • Annual Diamond Club event
  • Matching Bonuses

Diamond Qualifications: 

  • 100 BV is the minimum amount for the monthly Qualifying Volume. Diamonds must purchase at least 100 BV of personal products every month to receive their commission checks.  
  • Must have 6 personally-enrolled ACTIVE Brand Partners and Customers. “Personally-enrolled Active” means that they have a minimum order of 50BV (in the month).
  • Minimum of 15,000 in Group Volume (GV) from 8 levels downline (compressed).
  • Structure: 3 Consultant Legs. This means that you have 3 separate lines with a “Paid As” Consultant in each one.

You don’t automatically qualify for the Diamond Pool and Lifestyle Bonus. To qualify, a Diamond must also do one of the following during the month:

  1. Create 1 new Consultant (or above) which must not be below another Diamond or above. The New Consultant does not have to be personally enrolled.
  2. Have $1000 in Customer sales
  3. Personally enroll 3 new Brand Partners with Launch Packs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get paid?

  • Weekly Commission (Fridays for the previous week’s business): All Customer Orders, All First Orders from Brand Partners (Enrolled & Upgraded), Consultant Fast Start, & Leadership Coded Bonus
  • Monthly Commission (The 15th of the month for the previous month’s business): All other commissions including pools, achievement and lifestyle bonuses.

How do I get paid?

How would you like to be paid? We have two options:

  • Automatic Deposit: Paid on Pay Day. 
  • Mailed Check: Mailed on Pay Day with a $3 processing fee.

Why did I not get paid?

Some of the reasons why you may not receive your commission payout that you were expecting:

  • Did you place an order of 50BV or more?
  • Is your commission amount $10 or more? If not, we hold it to accumulate to $10 or over.
  • Do you have a Smart Order on file of 50BV or more? 
  • Was there an order in your downline? 
  • Is your downline’s order paid as a weekly or monthly commission? 
Why didn't I earn Fast Start Bonus?
  • Do you have a 50 BV Smart Order on File? To participate in Fast Start you must have an active 50 BV Smart Order on file
  • Where is your GV coming from? Unilevel tree or Enroller tree? Only Enroller Tree GV is counted towards Fast Start.
  • Did you Enroll as a BP or Upgrade to a BP? The time clock for Fast Start begins the minute you become a BP. Any orders you placed as a Customer will not count towards Fast Start, as you were a Customer and not a BP at that time.

Why did my volume drop?

There are several reasons that it could drop:

  • Return order of order placed in the same month.
  • Order placed in pending as customer wants to make a change. The volume will “disappear” as their PV and your GV until the order is in Accepted, Printed, or Shipped.
  • Order by someone that was not yet active in the month. If she has a GV that goes down many levels (level 9 and lower). Once she places an order, volume that was compressed up to your 8 level GV may no longer be compressed and doesn’t count towards your 8 level GV (that is why it is so important to get everyone on your team placing orders early in the month)

Things to keep in mind:

  • You must be at least a “Paid As” Active Associate within the calendar month (with a 50 BV personal order every month). This is the minimum Qualifying Volume for the ranks Associate through Executive.
  • To qualify for Fast Start Bonuses and Matching Fast Start Bonuses, you must have a Smart Order of 50BV on file and/or order on the first of the month.

If an order is paid out through Weekly Commissions, you must be an Active Associate the previous month or the current month to date (by the Friday of the week when the downline order is placed).What do BV, PV and all the acronyms mean?!

We have a glossary on Page 7 (last page) of the Compensation Plan! 

What is the difference between Weekly & Monthly Commissions?

Placing an order every month is important for Brand Partners as it keeps you eligible for commissions. But what's the difference between weekly and monthly?

Weekly commissions: Pay day is every Friday! This commission check is for the previous week's customer orders, Brand Partner First Orders, and Fast Start Consultant Bonus. Your weekly earning is determined by your activity from the previous month or the current month to date (we calculate commissions based on whichever Paid as Rank is the highest). This commission period is based on your Current "Paid as Rank" month to date OR Previous month's "Paid As Rank". We do this for your benefit, because if you have an active Smart Order that processes on the 21st of the month, you would technically be inactive and not eligible for commission on orders made before the 21st.

Monthly commissions pays out on the 15th of every month and encompasses all your Brand Partners' activities (minus the Brand Partner's first order which is paid in weekly) and bonuses such as K Club and achievement bonuses. We calculate monthly commissions based on the current month's paid as rank (and not the previous month) and if you don't place an order in the current month, you will not get paid for the monthly commissions earned.

Is it possible to be eligible for Weekly Commissions, but miss out on Monthly Commissions? Yes! If you don't place an order in the current month, you can still qualify for weekly commissions since you can qualify using the paid as rank from the previous month. However to qualify for Monthly commissions you need to be active and qualify in the current month.

That's why Smart Order is so beneficial for Brand Partners. You can set your Smart Order and not have to worry about whether you are eligible for both weekly and monthly commissions. It takes the guesswork out, so you have time to simply focus on your bonus, knowing commissions are coming your way!

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