Diamond Dash 2022

incentives Jul 15, 2022

For those in their Fast Start Period Only 

Developing new direct and downline Diamonds is the key to your success! New Diamonds reinforce a strong structure and set you up for long term success and rank advancement. 

When you achieve this Diamond Dash, you and your Enroller will receive large cash bonuses, while creating a record-breaking year end and an explosive opening to 2022.

There are two layers to this promotion: one for Fast Start Brand Partners.

There is new, BIG bonus money on the table for everyone!

 The Fast Start Time period remains at 3+ months (See current Fast Start qualifications) 

To ensure your team doesn’t miss out, use the Fast Start report in your back office to track your team’s activity

RANK Advance To            BP Promo Bonus               Enroller Promo Match

Diamond                             $1000                                    $500*     

Green                                   $1000                                    $500

Blue                                      $1000                                    $500

Black                                     $1000                                    $500

Red                                       $1000                                    $500


*Typically, the Diamond Fast Start Bonus does not include a matching bonus for the enroller. We’re changing that for the Diamond Dash time period!


All Diamond Dash and Matching Bonuses will be paid on the monthly commission following the month of rank advancement.

Example: when a BP advances to Diamond in September, the Diamond Dash Bonus will be paid out in your October 15th monthly commission. 

You might be wondering, “What if I double rank? Do I get double the bonus?” 

The answer is YES! When you double rank you qualify for another bonus and your Enroller receives another matching bonus! Now that is a reason to dash full out! 

The Diamond Sprint incentive will set you and your team up for a breakout 2022 by focusing on the achievement and / or development of Diamonds as we close out 2021 and blast into 2022.


  • Ultimate Business Transformation (UBT2022): Earn 500 GQV per week / 1000 GQV per 10 qualified participants
  • WYR: Customer Referrals: Fill your funnel with new prospects and earn 25 GQV (Maximum 4 per week = 100 GQV) Referrals are the most valuable form of marketing!!
  • Fast Start Widen Your Reach #phpLive2021: Go Live on Instagram or FaceBook about your new superfoods and self care business to fill your funnel. Then submit into iLearn to earn bonus GQV Points. 
  • 60 Days of Stories: Post these curiosity-sparking stories on your social media. Save time creating, so you can put the time into following up with all the likes and comments they will create!

Reminder: Just like other Matching Achievement bonuses, the enroller needs to be the same paid rank or higher in the month to earn matching for Diamond Dash. 

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