Fast Start Reset Promotion Details - Reset Your Pace and Tap Into Your Potential

In 2022, we want all of our Brand Partners to have their best year yet. That is why we are introducing our FAST START RESET promo! 

Starting January 1 to April 30, all existing Brand Partners are eligible to run for this special FAST Start promo, for them to learn or repeat their behaviors to succeed in the Fast Start Program. 

How it Works


The Fast Start Reset regulations are similar to the standard Fast Start Program. This means you can earn up to $1700 in Fast Start bonuses. Properly leveraging this promo to its full potential will help you grow new legs for your downline, and create a stronger foundation of support for your team!

This promo will only take into account the new business you bring in. Existing Brand Partners and customers will not count.

For example, if you have an existing customer (December 31, 2021, or earlier) who becomes a Brand Partner in 2022, that is not considered new business. This promo will look at the volume from 2022 only.

You can also count 100 PV as NEW volume towards the Reset.

WYR and UBT points also count towards Reset.

Who’s Eligible?

Any Brand Partner that is in our database by December 31, 2021, is eligible to participate in this promotion. Whether you have been with us for years or are fresh off your own Fast Start window, we encourage you to participate! 

If you are a NEW Brand Partner that is currently in your FAST Start window, you can ALSO achieve the FAST Start Reset. Yes, that means you can double dip and really start fast! 

When does it start and for how long?

The Fast Start Reset runs 3+ months from January 1 - April 30, 2022. January is considered a plus month, so you want to take advantage of that and hit the ground running as soon as you can! 

January - 0+ Month

February - 1+ Month

March - 2+ Month

April - 3+ Month


Our Fast Start incentive is an amazing opportunity for new Brand Partners to start fast with Purium. If you missed the chance to leverage your Fast Start window to its full extent when you first started, or maybe you didn’t even know it existed, now’s your chance! This is your second opportunity to leverage this promotion and set yourself up for a record-breaking year.

We also want you to familiarize yourself with the Fast Start process with fresh eyes so you can better understand how to coach future enrollees who are working to achieve those Fast Start bonuses!

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