Leverage the Mega Zoom Events with Widen Your Reach

Not everyone may be a Purium expert, yet EVERYONE is connected to one! Our Mega Zoom Event Wednesdays are the key to successfully introducing the benefits of Purium's best products and packs to your friends (especially if you just enrolled as a Brand Partner). 

Every Wednesday, a seasoned nutrition expert openly shares their experience of incorporating organic superfoods into their kitchens to maximize their health and wellness. This is an opportunity for YOU to invite your friends, followers and anyone you know who is interested in one of Purium's featured packs:

  • The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation
  • Holistic Fitness
  • Family Nutrition
  • Optimal Immune Support

Plus, there are prizes! To qualify, everyone must RSVP via the correct Eventbrite link, which you can find on our Events Page, here on iSharePurium.com (in the "Community" dropdown menu).

Bonus: Ask your prospects. "Who do you know who would also like to transform their life? Share the invite and my Gift Code with them, too!" 

How can you be a part of the event that is producing record sales and inspiring crowds of new people?

  • Follow 3-Step GuideBegins with a Widen Your Reach video to go live, engage and follow-up.
  • Submit your Widen Your Reach with a screenshot in iLearn. Learn more in the Widen Your Reach flyer.
  • Know The Topic & Host: Every week is a new pack and new host.
  • RSVP & Share: Make sure EVERYONE RSVPs to the corresponding Eventbrite link to qualify for prizes. Every week is a new link!
  • Follow-up with a Permalink that has your Gift Code. Learn more in the Training Guide. Easily your own Permalink with your Gift Code here, on puriumpermalinks.com.

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This Google Folder has a number of tools for you. From zooms and training recaps to recognition and success stories, details are at your fingertips! Bookmark this link so you can quickly find the info you need.

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