Why Are Customer Reviews Important?

business training May 13, 2021
Customers reviews are the second most important Consumer decision-making factor for purchases.
Reviews allow customers to cross-reference the product with what is claimed on the website to "real world" experiences. With online shopping at an all-time high, having ratings and reviews is essential for customers to experience the product without having it in their hands. 
  • 97% customers read product ratings and reviews before making purchase
  • 81% of all online purchases occur on product pages with review content
  • 72% all product page web traffic occurs on product pages with ratings and reviews content
Encourage your customers to share their experience through the purchasing decision and how the product has benefitted them.

How To Inspire Your Customers To Submit Reviews


Follow up with your customers. Allow the customer enough time to experience the product and build the connection with it. Then ask how they are liking the product and encourage them to submit a review.
Encourage your prospects to text, call, or message their customers to inquire about their order, and remind them to write a review on iShop.
Allow 14 days for individual products or containers, and at least 30-45 days to follow up with a review on the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT). 
Script Ideas To Copy & Paste:
Hi C/N, I noticed you received your Purium order. How has your experience been?
Customer: It’s been great. I lost weight, and I have more energy!
“Wow, that’s amazing! It would be great if you could write a review and share your experience with others!”
"Would you like $10 off your next purchase? Just submit your experience with before/after photos. I have a flyer with details."
Get the details and share on this Rewards for Reviews flyer.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

Although negative reviews include harsh critique, it promotes authenticity in product ratings . 85% of consumers seek out negative reviews, and are more willing to trust brands without a perfect 5-star rating as it shows transparency from business to customer. 
Negative reviews can be utilized as a learning experience for our company as well; if there are multiple reviews regarding a product, we can identify the issue, and resolve it quicker. This demonstrates that Purium listens and cares about our customers and their experience.
A consumer who had a negative experience may be challenging, and oftentimes they refuse to leave any form of commentary and want nothing more to do with the brand; do not force reviews, merely suggest it as an option to show your customer that Purium cares about their feedback. 
Script Ideas To Copy & Paste:
Brand Partner: “How was your experience with the product”
Customer: Awful! I didn’t lose weight!
Brand Partner: “I’m sorry to hear about that, and of course customer service will handle your return promptly. May I ask why you disliked the product?”
Customer: The instructions were difficult to follow and I purchased it with the intention of weight loss.
Brand Partner: That is understandable, and I can empathize with your frustration. May I suggest writing a review to share your feedback with the company, so they could correct this issue in the future?”
User Generated Content (UGC)
Post customer reviews on social media; if someone shares a photo or video using a Purium product, showcase it!
Seeing other consumers' content can make a buyer feel excited about purchasing the product for themselves and may be inspired to buy other items in the visual to replicate this experience. 
How to create UGC? Ask your customers to use the hashtag, #TheRealPurium, to be a part of the campaign to share authentic experiences from the Purium community, and can inspire future and current customers to purchase.
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