Share the Wealth (Complimentary Upgrades)

Promotion dates:  Oct 1 – Dec 31, 2022

Introducing, Share the Wealth!

How often do your happy customers ask about your business? A common path to being a Brand Partner begins with customer satisfaction. For those ready to move from customer to Brand Partner, their timing couldn’t be better! Purium is excited to help you “Share the Wealth” with customers looking to transform financially.

Who can qualify? ALL Customers who ordered a featured pack anytime in 2022!

Note: No additional purchase is required other than 1 featured pack that offers complimentary enrollment in 2022.

  • No Smart Order is required for complimentary enrollment.

To receive complimentary enrollment, customers can click the “Upgrade Now” button. That’s an immediate savings of $199! 










Example: Your customer purchased a ULT in February 2022; they are eligible for a complimentary upgrade with Share the Wealth.

Moving forward as a new Brand Partner, a Smart Order of 50 BV ensures eligibility for all commissions, promotions, and bonuses.


How long is this promotion?

  • October 1st through December 31st, 2022

How does a Customer Upgrade?

  • In their Account page.

Who can qualify?

  •  All Customers who ordered a featured pack anytime in 2022. 

How do I identify who is eligible?

  1. Back Office 
  2. Personal Reports
  3. Loyal Customers
  4. Column: Complimentary Upgrade Eligible 

How can I test the readiness of a current Customer as a potential Brand Partner?

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