Sharing the Value of Smart Order

Sharing the value of Smart Order with your Brand Partners and customers is crucial for your business growth! Not only does Smart Order have countless benefits for Brand Partners, but customers as well. 

As a Brand Partner, you lead by example, and everything you do duplicates. Embrace the culture of Smart Order to confidently communicate the benefits with every customer and Brand Partner for creating successful duplication. 

Here’s an example: If you have 100 customers or Brand Partners within your organization and they all have an active Smart Order of Daily Core 4, you’ll receive 13,000 in recurring monthly volume into your Group Volume every month. That number is close to Diamond volume, with just 100 Smart Orders on file!

Customer Benefits: 

Smart Order is a rewarding and intuitive autoship program that helps create consistency with daily nutrition. When someone wants to truly transform their lifestyle, Smart Order is the vehicle to do so. Purium’s programs and most product servings are for 30 days/1 month and healthy living is a lifetime commitment. Receiving a monthly order helps customers achieve their initial health goals, and continue to maintain those goals.

When your customer commits to their long-term health goals when they first sign-up, Smart Order is a solution for them and they are eager to set it up at the time of placing their initial order.

Consistency with nutrition isn’t the only customer benefit, either! Results from taking Purium on a regular basis is another major benefit.

The purity and the effectiveness of our products and the integrity in how they're made, is the hallmark of our company. We want customers to continually reap the benefits of our products, not just for one month. As someone continuously experiences the health benefits of our products, their commitment and confidence in Purium grows.

The additional customer advantages with Smart Order are Rewards Points. Customers receive an extra 200 Rewards Points when they initially set up, and double (2x) Rewards Points on all future Smart Orders of at least 50 BV in place. 

Don’t do your customer a disservice by not sharing the benefits of Smart Order! Want to share the Customer Benefits? Here are some great materials to share:

 Brand Partner Benefits: 

Smart Order is the lifeblood of residual income which is one of the greatest benefits of network marketing. Creating a “culture of Smart Order” will lead to a sustainable business that pays out a reliable and healthy monthly income. 

You must share how a Brand Partner in your downline can specifically benefit from Smart Order to create duplication and an affinity towards Smart Order in your business.  

Benefits for Sharing Smart Order:

  • Sustainability of ongoing monthly volume

  • Residual income

  • Customer loyalty & retention

  • Referrals

  • Maintain/grow volume, rank advance!

Having consistent monthly orders will lead to customer loyalty and retention. As someone continuously experiences the health benefits of our products, their commitment and confidence in Purium grows. To Purium, they’ll show gratitude that you helped them avoid a setback in their health journey. Customer satisfaction will lead to more referrals that will help you maintain or grow your volume and rank advance. 

Benefits for having one on file as a Brand Partner:

  • ensures that they place a qualifying order every month (so they receive their commission checks). 

  • qualifies you for promos like Fast Start, UBT, Widen Your Reach and more.

Learn more about the Compensation Plan and the role Smart Order can play for qualifying you for bonuses in this blog: “What Every Brand Partner Should Know About the Compensation Plan

Inspiring Scripts: Customer Smart Order Sign-Up 

Consistency is KEY for both your business or your customers’ health journeys. Your customers must have a vehicle for their daily nutrition consistency. 

Step 1: When first signing up a customer for Smart Order, look inward and reflect on your feelings towards it. What is your own posture? Are you having a limiting belief about it? Are you scared/insecure about sharing the benefits? 

Your feelings will dictate the outcome of a customer signing up or not. Hold up the belief that this is in the best interest of your customers to maintain and achieve their goals. 

Step 2: When helping a customer order for the first time, start by asking questions. Ask:

 “What's your objective in doing this? Weight loss? Better sleep? Improved energy? Overall health?”  Most often, everybody says, “all of the above”. If that’s the case ask them, “How much weight do you think you want to lose?” 

Step 3: Actively listen to their answers. Listening is KEY; you’re going to use their answers as a roadmap towards securing a Smart Order sign-up, and listen for specific cues.

For example: If the customer uses the word “maintenance,” then Smart Order is a done deal. If you’re selling them a ULT and they ask, “But what do I do after the 30 days?” then it’s another done deal.

Step 4: Remember to resonate with their current situation: 

“I know how busy you are…” Let them know Smart Order will help them stay on track with their goals without taking time out of their day. Ensure they're going to reach their health goals with this consistent program, say, “You're going to be set and you're going to feel amazing”. 

Step 5: Once they’re all set up, inform them of the ‘cherry on top’ benefits.  

“Because you now have a Smart Order, you also get extra rewards points. You just received 200 extra points for signing up and you're going to get double points on all your future orders, which you can redeem for money off of your future orders.”


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