The Rewards of Rank Achievements

business training Jun 21, 2021

Every month, we are proud to recognize our inspiring Brand Partner achievers who pushed through life challenges and personal blocks to earn their next ranks! Learn more below about our monthly recognition program that celebrates your amazing accomplishments. 

Purium Rank Achievers Slide Deck 

Recognition is inspiring and fun to celebrate, that’s why we showcase our monthly rankings in a visual slide deck, almost like an online hall of fame. Updated at the kickoff of each month, the deck includes the total number of new ranks, and photos of the previous month’s high rankers with a special quote from their upline. 

In hand with highlighting your accomplishments, this slide deck is an excellent training tool to share with your prospects! Spark their interest in our supportive Purium community and show them know their goals are possible. Success leaves clues, and this deck is filled with hints to how to reach the top! 

Kickoff Call, Newsletter & Social Media Shoutouts 

During our Monthly kickoff Zoom calls at the start of each month, we not only recognize the collective accomplishments and records of the entire business but Dave & Amy give a congratulations shout out to each of the previous month’s high rankers. With over 300 attendees on these calls your new rank accomplishment will be announced to not only your team members but the Purium community at large. 

Along with a live shoutout, we dedicate a section to our newsletter showcasing a collage of Crown and above achievers. Plus, individual Crown achievers are blasted across our Purium social media business pages (Purium Facebook Group + IG: @puriumbusiness)! 

Diamond & Above Plaques 


Diamond achievers demonstrate a new level of leadership for not only their business, but for their team. As a Diamond leader, you step into a new role where you begin to learn how to leverage your team and their business to achieve your ultimate goals!

Purium recognizes and awards this accomplishment with a Diamond level plaque, along with a gorgeous Diamonds stone to congratulate your advancement.

Monetarily, Diamonds and above are eligible to earn exclusive lifestyle bonuses and pools. Check out our Compensation Plan to learn more.

Achieving Diamond, you are also invited to the exclusive Diamond Club Event! This special experience is limited to Diamond and above achievers. It is an intimate and fun gathering for corporate and upline leaders to come together and share insightful news, strategies and future vision for the elite. BPs with insightful leadership and training from top Crowns to share their personal tips and insights on how you can leverage business tools and duplicate your success.

Green Diamond

Green Diamonds are awarded a Green Diamond plaque as well as an invitation to Special Green Diamond Leadership calls with expert trainer Leslie Zann. These calls are hosted monthly and kickoff the month with personalized insight that Leslie tailors specifically to Green Diamond and above leaders. 

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond leaders are climbing the ranks in Purium leaders, and are recognized with a Blue Diamond Plaque to symbolize their growth within themselves and their business. These achievers also have invitations to the Diamond and Green Diamond leadership calls, where they have the opportunity to apply shared insights to their own business and gain knowledge from experienced leaders.

Black Diamond

Black Diamonds demonstrate persistent leadership through the ranks, and receive a Black Diamond plaque to symbolize their incredible development in their business and life. This level of leaders have experienced their own, individualized journey through Purium and continue to learn and persist. 

Red Diamond 

Red Diamonds have reached the top of the colored Diamond Ranks and are awarded with a Red Diamond Plaque to add to your collection that represents your determination, strong leadership, and success. Red Diamonds demonstrate persistence, dedication, and loyalty to not only themselves but to their entire team as they prepare to make the leap to Crown. 

Crown & Beyond 

Crown leaders represent the highest level of leadership in their businesses, their teams, and within themselves. They inspire growth and support their teams to grow and duplicate that success. These levels of achievers are welcomed to the Crown community with a magazine cover to spotlight this incredible achievement as well as being welcomed to the Exclusive Crown Calls with Dave and Amy. These calls provide a space for Crowns to voice concerns and ideas directly to Co-Owners and Purium Corp Management. 

Crown leaders are also invited the opportunity to support not only their own businesses but to play a role in supporting and sharing their insights with Purium Corporate with the Crown Facebook Group. Within this group, you can share messages with other Crowns, post questions, share tips, and see exclusive info. 

As you hold a new position in leadership for your team, your business continues to grow and you earn stars to your Crown title, and are recognized for each one with a customized Crystal Award.

2-Star Crowns

10” Custom Crystal Statue

3-Star Crown

12” Custom Crystal Statue

4-Star Crown

14” Custom Crystal Statue

5-Star Crown

As a 5-Star Crown leader, you have proven continuous dedication, leadership, and set inspiration for Purium. Dave and Amy recognize and thank you for this prodigious achievement with a customized surfboard award that Dave personally designs the vision for based on your journey.

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