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business training tools Jun 28, 2021

From Widen Your Reach to images and captions, this blog has links to Purium's social media tools!

Posting for your business is something you want to do every day. Successful Brand Partners create curiosity and interest with every post (without mentioning the products or business or "Purium" name).

  • ENTERTAINMENT POSTS: Think of the Kardashians. Why do so many women love/hate them? Because they are entertaining. Be silly, have fun and be you!
  • EMPOWER POSTSWe want to empower and inspire people with quotes and meanings to us about the quote. Share your story that goes with the quote you are sharing. Let people into your world. Share your new 30-day commitment to yourself.
  • EDUCATIONAL POSTS: Sharing the facts and science about wellness, nutrition, fitness, environment, economy, trends, habits, etc. will build your credibility. People need to know you are learning and are a credible source. But try to stay neutral by posing questions with your facts, like “What do you think about this…?”
  • PRODUCT SUCCESS STORIES: We have a ton! You can caption it with “It’s SO rewarding to see so many of my friends transforming!”  
  • PERSONAL POSTSDaily life, family, kids, friends, night out, shopping, hobbies etc. What makes you YOU? You had a life before Purium so show people who you are. 

We know creating images, captions and campaigns can be challenging, so we have you covered with photos and captions!

60 Days of Social Stories

via Google Slide Deck &

Google Folder for High Res Images

Create curiosity with your social media followers by posting 1 story, every day for 60 days! We have an entire Google Slide Deck to help you do this successfully! 

  • Excellent for new Brand Partners
  • Various topics for Product, Business & Eco-friendly 
  • No Purium branding, for true curiosity

WYR: Customer Referral Posts

via Google Slide Deck

We created a promo for Customer Referrals because this is an excellent way to Widen Your Reach of prospects. We also made a Google Slide Deck for captions and photos that you can share with your customers to post! 

  • Product photos without branding to duplicate easily
  • Captions to copy/paste
  • No Purium branding, for true curiosity


General Photos & Captions

via Google Slide Deck

Do you need a content library? We have it! Check out these miscellaneous posts, captions and stories to copy/paste and share!

  • Content to use
  • Inspiration to create your own content
  • No Purium branding, for true curiosity


More Purium Content & Platforms

Purium has A LOT of social media accounts and tons of product blogs. These are essential for the success of both Customers and Brand Partners. Here is a rundown of what you can find and where you can find it.

Remember to like, follow and tag us so we can share your posts, give you shoutouts and more. 

Product-driven Social Media: 

Business-driven Social Media:

Stay Connected To Purium With Google Tools!

This Google Folder has a number of tools for you. From zooms and training recaps to recognition and success stories, details are at your fingertips! Bookmark this link so you can quickly find the info you need.

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