UBT Summer Accelerator

incentives May 14, 2022

May 1 - August 31, 2022

Earn bonus CASH in your monthly commission checks AND additional GQV while widening your reach.  Share Featured Packs & the power of Smart Order with new Customers or Brand Partners each month and expand your check, qualifying volume, and number of AEs (actively enrolled) . 

The UBT Summer Accelerator is in ADDITION to our ongoing UBT Promotion and applies to all Brand Partners with an active Smart Order of 50BV+ on file.

We are counting retroactively to May 1st, so any UBT qualifiers that happened early in the month count toward this promotion!


6 UBT Qualifiers, Earn $100 / 600 GQV*

10 UBT Qualifiers, Earn $200 / 1000 GQV*

15 UBT Qualifiers, Earn $400 / 1500 GQV*

*Bonuses are not cumulative.  

Example:  6 qualifiers by 10th of the month - 600 GQV will be added, 10 by the 20th, another 400 GQV will be added (totaling 1000 GQV), 15 by the 30th and 500 GQV will be added (totaling 1500 GQV) in Bonus GQV.  All GQV resets each month.

Accelerator Bonus GQV will be added manually one time per week on Saturday and be through the close of the weekly period, Friday at midnight.



All cash bonuses are paid by the 15th in the following month. You and your qualifiers must continuously have active Smart Orders on file in order to receive the bonus.

The number of UBT qualifiers resets each month, just like your rank qualifications and structure. You have an opportunity to earn bonuses in 4 months, May, June, July and August 2022.


Max out with this promotion and earn $400 / 1500 GQV per month.  Totalling $1600 in the 4 month period.


All cash bonuses are paid by the 15th in the following month. You and your qualifiers must continuously have active Smart Orders on file in order to receive the bonus.


A NEW* Customer or Brand Partner that purchases an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (or one of the other Featured Packs) AND signs-up with a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.


Check Back Office Dashboard to see UBT Enrollees. Also: Back Office -> Team Reports -> UBT Promo

UBT Ongoing Promo

(Ultimate Business Transformation)


  • Gain New Customers and Brand Partner Upgrades/Enrollments in 2022
  • Increase Smart Order sign-ups & help your team rank faster (before 1 month)

Why We Love It:

  • Motivates new volume for your business
  • Increases first-time customers success rate 
  • Creates future health commitment for your customers after their first 30 days
  • Establishes future recurring orders (aka retention) of your business
  • BOOSTS your Qualifying Volume Points to rank higher and earn more commission

How to Qualify: 

Every week: Inspire 3 NEW* people to purchase an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (or one of the other Featured Packs) AND get them to sign-up with a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.

*New = Enroll or Upgrade January 2, 2022 or later. 

You, the Brand Partner enroller, MUST also have an active Smart Order of 50 BV or more to qualify. 

Check Back Office Dashboard to see UBT Qualifiers.

Learn how to promote & share the VALUE of both the ULT & Smart Order with these Training Blogs:

Other Featured Packs that qualify for UBT2022:

  • Holistic Fitness 
  • Family Nutrition

What you earn:

These UBT2022 points boost your GQV can accelerate your rank achievement goals! 

Weekly: 500 UBT Points (QV) = 3 NEW* people buy ULTs WITH an Active Smart Order of 50+ BV

Monthly: 1000 UBT Points (QV) = 10 NEW* people buy ULTs WITH an Active Smart Order of 50+ BV

*New = Enroll or Upgrade January 2, 2021 or later. 

Important Details:

  • For Weekly 500 GQV Bonus Points: Week closes and points added Friday night at midnight Central time.
  • For Monthly 1000 GQV Bonus Points: Month closes and points added last day of month at midnight Central time.
  • Weekly points are added to the month in which the week ends. (Example week of 1/30-2/5 the points are awarded in February).
  • Every week is a new opportunity; if you miss one week, it has no impact on the following week or ability to qualify for the monthly bonus.

Are you a new Brand Partner?

Leverage UBT2022 to earn Fast Start rank achievements. 

Enroll a mix of new Brand Partners (BP) and Customers with an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation to get to Director quickly:

  • Week 1 = 2 customers + 1 BP.
  • Week 2 = 2 BPs + 1 Customer. Then achieve Director rank with the $400 bonus!

Maximize your first 10 days as a Brand Partner, with Widen Your Reach Fast Start Promo. 


1: Share the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation or other featured packs to transform the health of those you know and influence. Here are some ideas to increase exposure and impact.

  • Go live on your social media and talk about the ULT and do an Unboxing Training, get Social Media Video Ideas on our blog.
  • Create more curiosity with pre-made social media images and captions in this blog, "Tools for Social Media"
  • Use WYR: Customer Referrals to find more prospects who may be interested in a transformation.
  • What is your prospect interested in learning more about? Find the right info to share in the "Best Tools for BPs" blog.

2: Ask your prospect if they want to start a business and make an alternate stream of income transforming health or focus on their own health transformation right now.

3: Guide your prospect down the right path to success, meeting them where they are AND saving the FAST START time period until they are ready. Remember they can always Upgrade to a Brand Partner at a later date. Using a permalink makes it easy for the prospect by embedding your Gift Code in the link. Find the Permalink Training Guide in the Purium Phone App. 

4: Share the importance of Smart Order and suggest Daily Core 4 as the most popular choice for Smart Order and nutritional maintenance. Remember, you and your new customer/ brand partner must have a Smart Order on file to qualify for the UBT Points Promo. 

5: Follow up! Whether the prospect said 'YES!' immediately or it wasn’t the perfect time, following up and persistence are keys to success. The activities of your prospects, Customers and Brand Partners will determine how you follow-up.

  • Not ready yet? Share success stories of others when you check back in as see how they are doing. Find lots of Product Success Story tools  and Business Success Stories on iSharePurium.com
  • Customer bought a ULT and is loving their experience?
    • Ask them to submit their review and photos to get a $10 product credit with this Rewards for Reviews flyer (also on your Phone App).
    • Ask if they are interested in sharing their positive results and making money. Upgrade them to a Brand Partner. A Customer who purchased a Featured Pack can Upgrade at no charge during the month of purchase plus the following month. They can select the “Upgrade” button by logging into their account at iShopPurium.com. 
  • Brand Partner Enrolled with a ULT? Ensure your business partner is:
    • following the Widen Your Reach 10-Day plan
    • receiving the "Welcome Brand Partner" emails, Monday Newsletter and other Purium emails
    • plugged into Corporate Zooms (Money Map Monday, Business Opp Zooms, etc.)
    • using the Purium Phone App
    • referring to the "Get Started Module" 

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