April Raffle: WYR Earth Day & Eco-Business Lives

We want to WIDEN our Earth-friendly business REACH with weekly raffles for the month of April. Each week, there will be 3 winners! Prize for each winner: 500 QV Points + Purium Eco-friendly Kitchen Essentials Kit. 

  • Go LIVE and share your pride in working with an eco-friendly business
  • Post videos/stories with 2 hashtags #phpplasticfree AND #phplive2021
  • Submit your presentation via iLearn
  • Winners: Join the Monday Money Map Zoom with Debbie & Amelia

1 winner is chosen 3 times a week (M, W, F). Every time Debbie uploads the points M, W, F (by 6pm PT) she will choose a winner. Tip: Submit before each of those days to increase your chances to win!

Prompts & Ideas: 

  • How do you practice an eco-conscious/green lifestyle? At the end, ask what others are doing, so you increase engagement and fill your funnel of interested prospects: "These are a few things that I am doing to help create change. What are your ideas? I would love to continue to grow my own practices."
  • Why do you love Purium? "Because it's a plant-based company that is just as passionate about the earth as they are health! Purium's organic and sustainably produced foods are better for the earth and better for your body.
  • How harmful is grocery produce on the environment? How does Purium solve that issue? "Our proprietary field fresh dehydration method is the most efficient delivery of plant-based nutrition in the history of the world."
  • I help people find plant-based solutions to enhance nutritional habits, while also decreasing their carbon footprint.” 
  • Share your thoughts on Purium’s Plastic Free 2021 Initiative. No more plastic scoops, bamboo terra pouches, stainless-steel shaker bottles, etc. "Did you know that my company saved over 30,000 pounds of plastic from going into the ocean? Much of that number was from eliminating the plastic scoops from powder blended-products.
  • Make a call to Action: "Who is passionate about making a positive impact on our planet and help expand solutions needed around our communities?" Create a Poll: 100%/YES!!

Use these Customer-friendly tools for scripting and verbiage:

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