Directors: The Secret Sauce to Growing and Maintaining Your Business

Oct 04, 2021

Special thanks to Cindi Kelly and Rachel Balunsat for their help writing this blog. 

Whether you are just starting out as a Brand Partner at Purium, or have been with us for years, you may not realize the Director rank plays a crucial role in your business. Understanding why this rank is vitally important to you and your team can be the secret sauce to growing and maintaining your Purium entrepreneurship. 

Becoming a Director

Becoming a Director is a great foundational rank and is a real stepping stone to achieve the Diamond leadership Ranks. To become a Director, you need:

  • Personal Volume - 50 PV
  • Personally Enrolled Active Brand Partners And Customers - 3
  • Group Volume - 2.5k
  • Bonus $400 when achieved within 1+ month of enrollment plus enroller matching bonus
  • Bonus $200 when achieved outside of fast start period

Earn More Money with FAST Start

The bonus for achieving a fast start Director is $400. Combine the $100 fast start Consultant bonus with it and you will have...

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Diamond Dash 2021

Sep 01, 2021

Developing new direct and downline Diamonds is the key to your success! New Diamonds reinforce a strong structure and set you up for long term success and rank advancement. 

As you build toward the end of 2021, we want to make the season even brighter with the new Diamond Dash incentive! When you achieve this Diamond Dash, you and your Enroller will receive large cash bonuses, while creating a record-breaking year end and an explosive opening to 2022.

There are two layers to this promotion: one for Fast Start Brand Partners and one for non-Fast Start Brand Partners.

There is new, BIG bonus money on the table for everyone!


The Fast Start Time period remains at 3+ months (See current Fast Start qualifications) 


  • BPs with an enrollment date in September 2021 have a qualification period through December 31 to qualify for additional Diamond Sprint Fast Start bonuses.
  • BPS who...
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The Rewards of Rank Achievements

Jun 21, 2021

Every month, we are proud to recognize our inspiring Brand Partner achievers who pushed through life challenges and personal blocks to earn their next ranks! Learn more below about our monthly recognition program that celebrates your amazing accomplishments. 

Purium Rank Achievers Slide Deck 

Recognition is inspiring and fun to celebrate, that’s why we showcase our monthly rankings in a visual slide deck, almost like an online hall of fame. Updated at the kickoff of each month, the deck includes the total number of new ranks, and photos of the previous month’s high rankers with a special quote from their upline. 

In hand with highlighting your accomplishments, this slide deck is an excellent training tool to share with your prospects! Spark their interest in our supportive Purium community and show them know their goals are possible. Success leaves clues, and this deck is filled with hints to how to reach the top! 

Kickoff Call, Newsletter &...

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Welcome To Purium's Business Blog & Google Tools

Feb 08, 2021

Hello and welcome to our business blog! This business tool will be an excellent resource for Brand Partners to keep at their fingertips.

As a Brand Partner, your business is driven by digital communication and we strive to find ways to support you in modern and simple ways.  

One of the BEST blogs on here: "Best Tools for BP's " (BP, is short for Brand Partner )

Plus, be sure to  Google Tools s All these can be found in one Google Folder: BP Google Sheets & Docs

Social Media:

Zooms, Training & Success Stories:

Updates & New Policies 2021:

  • Google Sheet: ...
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