Move-Thru the Funnel

Jun 28, 2021


Promo Title: Move-thru the Funnel 

Promo Type: Raffle 

Promo Dates: June 28 - 30


  • 1 Winner: $1000
  • 2 Winners: $500
  • 5 Winners: $200 
  • 10 Winners: Kitchen Essential Pack

How to Qualify & Enter:

#1: You must have an active 50 BV Smart Order.

#2: Earn multiple entries for bigger sales behavior!

  • 1 Entry = Capture a new email*
  • 2 Entries = Any Sale** 
  • 3 Entries = ULT Sale*** 

* Is a prospect not ready to buy? Have them sign-up on iShopPurium with your Gift Card Code. They will become a “Retail” customer in your Back Office that will receive Purium product emails

** Excludes ULTs and featured packs

***Includes all featured packs (Holistic Fitness pack and Family Nutrition pack)

#3: Join the July 1 Kickoff Zoom at 4pm to hear your name! 


Suggested Plan & Toolkit:

Use the Weekly Tracker, Funnel & Prospect List to keep your prospects moving from curious to new Customer or Brand Partner!


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The Rewards of Rank Achievements

Jun 21, 2021

Every month, we are proud to recognize our inspiring Brand Partner achievers who pushed through life challenges and personal blocks to earn their next ranks! Learn more below about our monthly recognition program that celebrates your amazing accomplishments. 

Purium Rank Achievers Slide Deck 

Recognition is inspiring and fun to celebrate, that’s why we showcase our monthly rankings in a visual slide deck, almost like an online hall of fame. Updated at the kickoff of each month, the deck includes the total number of new ranks, and photos of the previous month’s high rankers with a special quote from their upline. 

In hand with highlighting your accomplishments, this slide deck is an excellent training tool to share with your prospects! Spark their interest in our supportive Purium community and show them know their goals are possible. Success leaves clues, and this deck is filled with hints to how to reach the top! 

Kickoff Call, Newsletter &...

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