Purium doesn't just give you the tools -- we show you how to use them too. Get business tips, product tips all you need to succeed as a Wellness Warrior. #PuriumPowered

Marketing Tools:

  • Digital marketing support
  • Social Media posts to edit and reshare for your own business
  • Phone App to send trackable videos, gift cards and presentations

  • Best-in-class creative agency developed product emails to customers
  • Ecommerce follow-up emails, i.e. Abandoned Cart notification
  • iShopPurium.com with permalinks (great for paid advertising!)


Training Tools:

  • Weekly virtual meetings with corporate and teams
  • Monthly virtual meetings with certified-trainer Leslie Zann
  • Regional training events
  • New on-boarding videos and worksheets

  • New “iLearn” Training Platform

Here are a Few Examples of the Support Materials Available To You and To Your Customers

Your Customers will appreciate step-by-step product support videos like this:

Your Customers will appreciate comprehensive product support guides like this:


"The life of a traditional online entrepreneur can be lonely. Many pay thousands of dollars for community support, connection & accountability.
In our business model of mutual empowerment (financial permaculture, if you will), the community is an integral aspect that is woven in from day one. We may be working solo from our laptops the majority of the time but we show up for zoom Masterminds 2-3 times a week (for free BTW) & the most special part is the opportunity to gather in person every few months."
- Robin via #PowerbyPurium on Instagram

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