This is free enterprise in its most ethical form. Peer-to-peer sharing. Prosperity based on impact. Affiliate marketing with a multi-level pay structure. Your efforts will not only be rewarded, but the positive ripple will be felt in families across North America and organic farmers around the world.

We can pay more, because we’re the manufacturer.

Fair compensation is just one of the many premium perks of being a Brand Partner. Growing your health and growing your wealth has never been this easy. Learn more about how Brand Partners get compensated.

Affiliates earn 20% on every Customer order plus $50 bonus for $1000 in monthly Customer orders

New FAST Start Bonuses plus $1500 in cash plus $1500 matching bonuses

Earn up to 64 pay checks per year

Weekly pay plus monthly pay

Earn up to 3 all expense paid trips

Additional Bonus Opportunities 

4 levels of pay on Customer orders plus 10 levels of pay on Brand Partner orders plus Cash Bonuses, Infinity Bonuses, Pools and more

See the entire plan here:

"When your work allows you to be wherever you wanna be... the Hawaiian Islands are a sweet option.

As a nurse for 30 years, [I have] worked in many different arenas. From hospital to home care, to public health, writing state health policy, pharma & medical device sales… I [finally] found a company that has given me the autonomy I desire. TRUE WELLNESS. People TRULY recovering… Imagine a business where you can work wherever you want and a business model that is designed to monetize you for the work you did years ago and maintain an income stream decades later. All while helping people BE WELL and HAPPY. I challenge you. Simply try it."
- Lori via Instagram 

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We make it easy to join the social sharing economy. Choose your unique code and receive unlimited gift cards for a full year for just $199. What’s even better? There are several different ways to join for FREE!

Standard Brand Partners

Buy $500+ product purchase, get your membership for free

Licensed Beauty & Wellness Professionals

Submit proof of doctor or beauty certification and business card and get free membership

Social Media Influencers

Submit proof of 10000 followers/subscribers, 500 likes/comments on a post, or 2000 views on Instagram stories and get free membership

Registered 501(c)(3) Non-profits

Submit letter of determination and 501(c)(3) form and get free membership


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