Here's How to Start Right

The path to health is an every day journey and whether you are following a 40-Day Ultimate, 10-Day Transformation or Core 4 program, support is key to your success. Luckily, we have all the help you need.

40-Day Ultimate & 10-Day Transformation

Once you receive your products:
  • Text the word “transformation” to 55678 during your 10 day superfood transformation to receive support.  
  • Bookmark the Lifestyle Guide and read the Do's & Don'ts on Page 20
  • Get prepped for Day 1 by grocery shopping for your Flex Foods and Lifestyle Meals.  

Once you begin the 10-Day Transformation:
  • Call into the daily lifestyle support calls at (712)432-7658 Pin: 7873#: M - F 3:30HST 5:30PST 6:30MST 7:30CST 8:30EST 
  • Put an alarm on your phone for every two hours
  • Items to always have with you:  water bottle, shaker bottle with your next serving in it, celery sticks and cucumber slices. 

Helpful Guides

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There are a number of ways you can waive the enrollment fee.

Standard Brand Partners

$500+ product purchase

Licensed Beauty & Wellness Professionals

Submit proof of doctor or beauty certification and business card

Social Media Influencers

Submit proof of 10000 followers/subscribers, 500 likes/comments on a post, or 2000 views on Instagram stories

Registered 501(c)(3) Non-profits

Submit letter of determination and 501(c)(3) form


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