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Purium was founded on the concept of giving back to the community—and that includes yours! Partner your 501(c)(3) non-profit with us and start earning money for your organization.

Org Earns 20% On Every Order

Our owners are leading two empowering organizations that bring light into the world through sponsorship and advocacy. Learn more about the Million Mom Movement and A.W.A.K.E.N. project

Million Mom Movement

The Million Mom Movement focuses on educating families about GMO's and healthy eating. This year, they are sponsoring women who are ready to be Health Warriors to support their families nutritionally and financially.

Each month, we will partner to provide superfood nutrition for moms and their families, based upon their unique needs. In addition, they will be offered the opportunity to afford higher quality nutrition by building a home-based business income stream. The monthly sponsorship will benefit 4 families per month. Each family and mom-prener will receive:

Customized Purium superfoods bundles

based on the family’s wellness needs and goals (a Purium product pack meant just for them)

1 Free Launch Pack to become a Purium Brand Partner

Continued mentorship in health, well-being and career

Note: Current Brand Partners cannot apply.

A.W.A.K.E.N. Project

The A.W.A.K.E.N. Project focuses on creating holistic healing for children on the Autistic spectrum and their families. This year, we are helping to sponsor families to attend their immersive retreats.

Attendees receive:

Specially-designed diet plans

 instruction and recipes to make feeding your child on the spectrum much easier

Specialized treatment and therapy

(such as bemer beds, and equestrian and aquatic therapy) designed specifically to benefit your child

An array of services meant specifically for parents to relax in camp bliss

 including spa, yoga and meditation

Note: Brand Partners can apply, although partnership is not required.

What People are Saying

"Four years ago I made a decision.

Four years ago I made a decision, and I began to take consistent daily action to realize my dreams... It’s been years since [my family has] had to count out money for rent in dollars. I am the owner of my dream, and the commander of my life, and if you are reading this YOU have the power to dramatically and vastly transform the course of your own life with a single powerful decision, and consistent daily action."
- Sarah via Instagram

"Any group who selflessly gives of their time and resources like The Awaken Project are golden in my book.

This no small task. I promise the tears and the laughs will be real and the memories will last a lifetime. Consider a small group donation like The Awaken Project before the big Non-Profits. I bet more of each dollar goes to help the indivuduals and families in need than giving to one of titans of Non Profit."
- Terry 


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