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Marketing Updates & Sneak Peeks - May 2023

Create Duplication with Echo Effect with Fresh & New!

Have you downloaded the Boards App and connected to the Purium Official Board? Easily reach out to prospects, post on social media and so much more with fresh and new graphics, scripts that work and important details.

Diamond Club 2023

Diamond Club 2023 is just around the corner. Haven't qualify for an invite yet? Keep pushing through! There is time to qualify and join the fun!

Social Media Contest

May #phpLiveWorkPlay Winners


Quick Reference Website - access 3 landing pages for new customer's orders in one place


Easily sync Purium's events with your calendar on the Event Page. Plus, get a replay link in Purium's Virtual Events & Zoom Calendar

May Recognition

Congratulations and thank you for paying forward the Purium Lifestyle.

Plastic-Free Packaging Alliance (PFPA) Gala Live Stream 2023


Active Business Promos

Everyone loves a success story and Purium has THOUSANDS. By sharing these testimonials regularly on social media, you can become known as the inspiring go-to when someone you know is ready to TRANSFORM their health.

Learn more about this promotion and FAQs! 

Download flyer here:  https://bit.ly/ShareBecauseYouCare

 Read Blog: https://www.isharepurium.com/blog/ShareBecauseYouCare

When someone is ready to transform for their first time with Purium, they want to start NOW! Whether hosting a Purium event or meeting up with a new friend one-on-one, you can physically give packs to new face-to-face customers and Brand Partners on the spot so they can start NOW.

Learn more about Transformation Now!

Download the flyer:  https://bit.ly/PuriumTransformationNow

Read the Blog: https://www.isharepurium.com/blog/TransformationNow

Are you in the Fast Start window? Go LIVE with Purium #phplive2023 to help boost your points to the next rank!

Earn 33 bonus GQV Points each time you submit a new and unique video presentation (Social Media Story or Post, Your Own Virtual Event for Purium, etc.) via the submittal process in iLearn.

You have 3+ months to take advantage of this promo!

There is a maximum of points (3 submissions per week = 99 GQV Points max), and that can be twice doubled!

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Earn $3500 in Fast Start Bonuses & 2500 in Matching Bonuses! Fast Start is a bonus path that includes Consultant, Director, Executive and Diamond ranks. This Fast Start path can earn a new Brand Partner up to $3500 in bonuses alone in their first 90 days. Going fast is the most fun, profitable and proven way to achieve long-term success. 

A new Brand Partner has a limited-time to achieve each of these ranks for the first time. When they achieve it in the correct time-frame, they get a cash bonus added to their weekly (Consultant Fast Start bonus) or monthly (all other Fast Start bonuses) commission check!

Click HERE to learn more! 

Developing Directors is an exciting and important part of growing and maintaining your Purium Business.

And now you can earn shares from the 200,00 GQV pool for each Fast Start Director you develop! More points for doing what you want to do anyway!

Declare your intention to develop a Fast Start Director, and then work to achieve it! 

Develop a Fast Start Director or above and earn shares of the 200,000 GQV pool:

  • Fast Start Director = 2 shares & $400 FS Match
  • Fast Start Executive = 4 shares & $1,000 FS Match
  • Fast Start Futurist = 5 shares & $500 FS Match
  • Fast Start Diamond = 6 shares & $500 FS Match

Shares & bonuses are CUMULATIVE!

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Every week: Inspire 3 NEW* people to purchase an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (or one of the other Featured Packs) AND get them to sign-up with a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.

*New = Enroll or Upgrade January 2, 2022 or later. 

You, the Brand Partner enroller, MUST also have an active Smart Order of 50 BV or more to qualify. 

Check Back Office Dashboard to see UBT Qualifiers.

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Everyone can participate in this awesome promotion by declaring  the rank they are intending to reach by the end of the month, which can include:

  • Rank Advancing  
  • Maintaining Title Rank 
  • Re-achieving Title Rank 

In order to declare your rank and be eligible for prizes, the declaration form must be submitted by the 3rd of each month.

Declare through your Back Office. Log in, then click on Submission Forms. You will see the Declaration Day submission form there.

All ranks starting at Director are available to be declared.  

Declarations must be your title rank or higher to be eligible for the promotional prizes.


  • 200,000 QV Point Pool

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 Did you know that your CUSTOMERS (who are not yet Brand Partners) can help you fill your funnel?

That’s right! Have your Customers Widen Your Reach of prospects. 

What's in it for you (the Brand Partner)? 

  • GQV Points New prospects for your funnel
  • Potentially a new Brand Partner (if your Customer is interested in Upgrading due to the amount of prospects they have).

What's in it for your Customer? 

  • $10 off next purchase.
  • Finding supportive friends on IG and FB.
  • Potentially earning commission if they have 3+ more prospects (they can Upgrade to a Brand Partner).

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Updates & Releases

  • New Webpage: puriumsuperfoods.com
  • New: ULT + Performance Schedule
  • Updated: ULT Schedule & Progress Tracker 
  • Updated: Lifestyle Guide 2023
  • Updated: Fast Start 2023
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September Event 2023

We are excited to start planning an all-field, Purium training event in September 2023! Help us create an event that excites you!


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