Purium's Economic Empowerment Program Scholarship



Purium's Economic Empowerment Program Scholarship


Our P.E.E.P.S. Helping  Your Peeps

Single Moms, Caretakers and Stay-At-Home Parents

Persons and Parents of Persons on the Autism Spectrum

Those Who Identify as American Indigenous Peoples

P.O.C.: Black, Brown, Asian, Pacific Islander

Those from the LGBTQ+ Community

Those Who Speak Spanish as a First Language

Young and Ambitious Motivated Entrepreneurs

Purium Believes...

that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for financial success.

Purium also believes that doing what you are most passionate about is integral to success and we are looking to train partners who are in alignment with that mission.

And ultimately, we believe that we were not only all born equal we were born equally worthy and capable of achieving long term financial health.

We just weren’t all given that opportunity...until now!

Purium's Economic Empowerment Program Scholarships are...

designed for those who aspire to be superfood entrepreneurs - and leaders within the Purium community - and are economically unable to afford the start-up cost.

We offer this Economic Empowerment program to anyone who is seeking to achieve better health, and an opportunity to thrive financially, all while working from home. 

This scholarship opportunity aims to empower anyone with a strong desire to learn how to help themselves and others through nutrition, eco-awareness, and what we call the Purium Economy.

As a recipient of this scholarship, you will receive an abundant supply of superfood nutrition* for yourself, as well as detailed training on how these superfoods impact your body in a positive way.

In addition to products and product knowledge, you will receive hands-on, professional training to help you understand the business aspects and opportunities related to this scholarship. 

When combined, you will have all of the tools necessary to dramatically transform both your health and your wealth, through Purium's Economic Program Scholarship.

Amy and Dave have designed P.E.E.P.S. as a way to encourage anyone - from any background - to join the Purium Economy. And they want to give you the opportunity to commit to your personal health as the first step in creating your future wealth. 

 *Scholarship recipients will be eligible to receive $2400 worth of Purium Superfoods over the course of the program. To remain eligible, recipients  must meet the requirements laid out in the program.