Purium is not just changing the way people eat -- we're changing the way they live. We want to spread economic freedom and plant-based wellness. Are you in? 

We are on a mission to help you...

Get Healthy

Eat better, feel better, live better.
  • Nourish yourself with superfoods directly from the source like organic vine-ripened fruits and field fresh veggies.
  • Tap into the power of nature and enjoy a wide variety of mother earth's bounty.
  • Experience improved digestion, deep rejuvenating sleep and a level of energy you may not have experienced in years.

Be Compensated

Join the Purium evolution and finally earn what you deserve.
  • Make a living while making a difference and turn your passion into a paycheck.
  • Own your own online superfood superstore and start earning today.
  • Experience the freedom of making your own hours, working from wherever you call home and having unlimited earning potential while being backed by the integrity of a partner that you trust.

Create Change

Become part of the new green economy and make a positive impact on our planet.
  • Purium's organic and sustainably produced plant-based foods are better for the earth and better for your body.
  • Our proprietary field fresh dehydration method is the most efficient delivery of plant-based nutrition in the history of the world.
  • Our mission is to be plastic-free and our optional eco-friendly, compostable packaging helps reduce worldwide waste.
  • By supporting Purium you are helping create the change that the world is seeking.

I can, you can, we can change the world. 

Purium Gives  

"The change we seek begins at home."

And that is why Purium is dedicated to giving back to our community by empowering them with a free Purium membership with all of the benefits and none of the costs. Because we believe that when you teach a person to fish you can feed them for life.

Qualified recipients include:

  • Non-Profits
  • Selected Mothers & Families*
  • Other organizations in alignment with our mission

Purium Owners & Movement Leaders 

Dave & Amy began their superfoods movement over 25 years ago. Although their movement has grown immensely, they are still passionately leading Purium into the future. From formulating products with their deep understanding of nutrition to training the tribe of Brand Partners about the products, Dave and Amy are the true reason why Purium feels like a family.


"Anyone that knows me knows that my morals don’t allow me to promote a product that doesn’t align with my beliefs...

Having said that, let me just boast about this Power Shake that’s part of my cleanse... Not only are the foods grown organically but also very FAR AWAY from any possible contamination with pesticides from neighboring non-organic farms. That’s top quality plant food."

- Claudia via Instagram 

Premium Products, Premium Perks

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Save $50 or more on your first order and up to 25% thereafter

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Earn Bonus Points

Collect more points with a monthly Smart Order 


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