We value the earth's health just as much as our own. That's why reducing our impact on the environment is among our top priorities. Learn more about our Terra Pouch movement (pictured on the right) and more.

Sustainability with Superfoods

Modern agricultural practices are grossly inefficient and the world's food supply is paying for it. But there's hope. According to the Environmental Working Group, conservation practices can help lift almost 9 percent of people out of hunger by 2050. Purium is leading the way. Here's how.

Generating Low CO₂ Emissions

Sourcing from Organic and Sustainable Farmers

Practicing Eco-Friendly Shipping

Plastic is a problem, Purium has a solution

National Geographic estimates that 50% of plastic is used once before being tossed away. From your hand to the ocean floor, plastic waste is a world issue. That’s why we made it our priority to reduce our waste, with our new Terra Pouch containers.

Biodegradable Packing offered for Our Best-Sellers

No Plastic Scoops, Less Plastic Waste

Plastic-free by 2021

Want to do your part?

Make a positive impact on the environment and your health by replacing 1 meal a day with an organic, vegan shake. Need some choices? Here’s some of our fave Terra Pouch products.

Super Meal L.O.V

Super L.O.V. is an all-in-one Live, Organic, Vegan meal replacement.

  • Packed with protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, immune and energy support, and more
  • Loaded with raw ingredients, like rice protein, green grasses, sprouts, mushrooms and herbs
  • Available in Vanilla Chai or Original Flavor

Power Shake (Apple Berry)

Power Shake blends grasses and grains to create a meal replacement drink that helps you stay fueled, satisfied and on your toes.

  • 150 calories, 5g fat, 8g protein and over 20 vitamins & minerals in one serving
  • Loaded with plants and superfoods such as, alfalfa leaf juice, chia seed, spirulina and more
  • Available in Original Flavor

MVP Sport

With 32 grams of protein, and digestive enzymes and probiotics, this low carb organic herb isn’t just for athletes.

  • Protein-rich, low carb and low calorie
  • Chock full of superfoods and herbs, such as pea protein, pumpkin protein, turmeric, and maca and chaga mushrooms
  • Available in Vanilla and Chocolate Flavor

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