Two decades ago, Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner shared a unified belief that raw, organic foods should be both accessible and affordable for everyone, and it should be sustainable and conscious to Mother Earth.

“I looked around and saw the world eating and drinking foods that were polluting their bodies…and that needed to change,” Dave says. “So I decided to be the change.''

With only a small space and a few products to start, Dave and Amy hand-selected organic farmers to help produce pure and premium superfoods.

Since their humble beginnings, they've grown Purium into a 40,000 square foot, fully-automated manufacturing facility with over 100 employees and 20 packs and products. The two have even grown individually. They both authored books, launched organizations that advocate for health issues, and are passionate and educational speakers.

Even with all the growth though, Dave and Amy are still at the heart of every decision.

“If we are not our personal best, how can we truly ‘be there’ for all of the people and responsibilities in our lives?” says Co-founder Amy.

This philosophy is threaded into all the day-to-day tasks at Purium, with our 6 Core Values. Not only is a large sign displayed in our communical space, but the values are called upon in meetings that guide the decisions we make every day.

Learn More About Dave and Amy

Dave Sandoval

Beginning in the early years of the whole foods movement, David Sandoval researched and studied alongside the most recognized industry leaders from all over the world. This knowledge inspired Purium in the US and Platinum Health Europe, as well as his first book The Green Foods Bible. After more than twenty years, David remains committed to the latest research and whole food advancements. A true family man, even to his friends, Dave is a lover of all humans and takes great pride in living a life that authentically reflects his love for the earth and its people. Today, Dave continues to break the molds in the health and wellness industry, with products like CBD+ and Biome Medic, which is the first-ever Gold Standard Glyphosate-Detox-certified supplement. Dave's most recent book, The Toxin That Came To Dinner, is an engaging and persuassive look at issues facing our foods today and how Purium has the solution for the future. 

Amy Venner

Over two decades ago, Amy Venner began her health career working in a nutritional store. Specializing in purchasing and customer service, she teamed up with David Sandoval and a budding manufacturing company to oversee operations. Today she is the President of the same, but much larger, company. Working closely with Dave Sandoval to bring his visions into realities, she has built a management team that helps her execute and oversee the operations across all 9 departments: Accounting & Legal, Communications & Marketing, Customer Care, Event Planning, IT, Manufacturing & Production, Sales, Shipping, and Quality Control. From implementing new technologies that improve processes to doing the due diligence to obtain high standard manufacturing certifications, Amy is at the stem of every initiative. Inspired most by being the mother of two daughters, the founder of the Million Mom Movement and author of Women on the Rise finds great joy knowing that she has helped make a significant impact on hundreds of thousands of people’s lives with Purium products. 

Customer Care

Our Customer Care team are the faces of Purium. Any time you call, email or text with our VIP support team, our representatives are ready to help you with the same level of quality and attention that we bring to our products.

Female-Forward Business

"I don’t have enough words to describe this amazing woman right here. 
Everyone needs a friend that’s more like a sister that always has your back.
This woman runs a huge business with thousands and thousands of people depending on her and somehow she keeps it all together and is my rock when i need her.
This woman has empowered moms everywhere. She’s literally helped thousands and thousands, probably millions of people. To know her is to love her. 
If you’re blessed to know her, count your blessings. 
I do every day. 
@amyvennerhamdi thank you for who you are in my life. I’m grateful for you every day."
- Cindi via #PowerbyPurium on Instagram 

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