Purium's Economic Empowerment Program Scholarship


Program Overview for Brand Partners 


Program Overview for Brand Partners 

Purium's Economic Empowerment Program Scholarship


Our P.E.E.P.S. Helping  Your Peeps

Single Moms, Caretakers and Stay-At-Home Parents

Persons and Parents of Persons on the Autism Spectrum

Those Who Identify as American Indigenous Peoples

P.O.C.: Black, Brown, Asian, Pacific Islander

Those from the LGBTQ+ Community

Those Who Speak Spanish as a First Language

Young and Ambitious Motivated Entrepreneurs

Purium Believes...

that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for financial success.

Purium also believes that doing what you are most passionate about is integral to success, and we are looking to train partners who are in alignment with that mission.

And ultimately, we believe that we were not only all born equal, we were born equally worthy and capable of achieving long term financial health.

We just weren’t all given an equal opportunity. Until now!

Purium's Economic Empowerment Program Scholarships are designed for those who aspire to be superfood entrepreneurs - and leaders within the Purium community - and are economically unable to afford the start-up cost.

We offer this Economic Empowerment program to anyone who is seeking to achieve better health, and an opportunity to thrive financially, all while working from home.

Who is the ideal candidate for P.E.E.P.S.? 

People in economic need who are not currently, or have ever been a Purium customer or Brand Partner. Those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle, build a business, and empower themselves and their community through health and nutrition.

What will approved candidates receive? 

Up to six months of professional coaching and mentorship on both the Purium products and business model. This includes weekly lesson plans (15-30 minutes each) created to help learn about nutrition AND develop success in the Purium Economy. In addition, they receive a generous amount of superfoods each month so they can create their own personal health story. 

The PEEPS Nominating process...

P.E.E.P.S. is a great extension and addition to your brand partner recruiting efforts, and can help you economically empower underserved communities for whom the Purium Opportunity may seem out of reach.

As a “Paid As” Executive Brand Partner or higher, you are eligible to identify someone as a candidate for a Purium Economic Empowerment Program Scholarship. (You must have an open Smart Order of 50 BV, and be actively working your business.)

This Program is specifically designed for candidates who have a strong desire to experience the Purium Lifestyle and share its benefits with others as a pathway to Economic Empowerment.

Step 1:  Sharing P.E.E.P.S. with a Nominee

To begin the process, simply share the program with your proposed P.E.E.P.S nominee and determine their interest in learning more. Send the proposed Nominee (your prospect) the link to the P.E.E.P.S. Landing Page and schedule a time to follow-up

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Step 2: Let’s get connected 

After you schedule the follow-up connect call, via zoom with your Upline Leader (Diamond or Higher), be sure to inform your Nominee that your mentor will join you on the call to help explain the program and  additional support along the way.  

NOTE: Connect calls are required for a variety of reasons. 

  • It is important for your Nominee to witness Purium mentorship in action. 
  • It gives your Nominee first hand experience with connect calls. 
  • It sets a good example of how the duplication process works. 

Each Leader (Diamond or Higher) must be familiar with the P.E.E.P.S. program and take the lead on the call. They will be expected to share their enthusiasm for the program and what’s required of the applicant. 

  • Be sure to confirm that your upline Leader is familiar with P.E.E.P.S. or send them the link to “this” P.E.E.P.S. Brand Partner landing page. 

Step 3: Submit a Scholarship Application

Your nominee responds positively, and both you and your Upline Leader agree that this person is a good fit for our program. Proceed by filling out the first form and sending the 2 other forms to your Upline Leader and Nominee to fill out immediately after the zoom.

  1. As the Sponsor you will fill out and submit the Sponsor Nomination Form
  2. Upline Leader (Diamond or Higher) will fill out this Upline Leader Form 
  3. Nominee will fill out and submit this Nominee Application

Step 4: Nomination Process

The P.E.E.P.S. Council will review all applications between the 5th and 10th of each month. The Council will select scholarship qualifiers by the 15th of each calendar month. Once the nomination process is complete, the Nominee will be eligible for P.E.E.P.S., entered into the scholarship lottery, and could be selected anytime over the next 90 days. 

Qualifiers will be contacted via email within a few days of selection. These nominees will receive an acceptance letter that outlines their first week of assignments plus instructions on how to attend the required weekly P.E.E.P.S. Accountability zoom. 

Here's The Breakdown 

  • Level 1: Complete modules 1 and 2, send in your BEFORE photos, and fill out the Health Assessment, and you will be qualified to receive your first supply of Purium superfoods - Fruit & Veggie +pack. 


  • Level 2: Complete modules 3- 6, turn in your AFTER photos and resubmit a progressive Health Assessment, and you will be qualified to receive your second supply of Purium superfoods - CORE4 pack and will be eligible to upgrade to a Brand Partner. 


  • Level 3: Complete modules 7-10, share at least one Purium Gift Card (one must be redeemed to qualify), and complete your progressive Health Assessment, you will be qualified to receive your third supply of Purium superfoods - Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) pack. 


  • Level 4: Complete modules 11-14, enroll at least one new Brand Partner OR sign up a minimum of five new customers, and complete a progressive Health Assessment, you will be qualified to receive your fourth supply of Purium superfoods - Fruit & Veggie+ pack.  


  • Level 5: Complete modules 15-18, qualify as a Consultant in the pay plan OR qualify as a Purium 1K Club member, and complete a progress Health Assessment, you will be qualified to receive your fifth supply of Purium superfoods - CORE4 pack


  • Level 6: Complete modules 19-22, qualify as Director in the pay plan OR qualify for the Purium 2K Club, and complete a progressive Health Assessment, you will be qualified to receive your sixth supply of Purium superfoods - - Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT) pack. 

NOTE: If you reach these milestones faster than the specified timeline, and qualify for Executive or higher in the pay plan within six months from beginning your scholarship program, you will receive a ULT + Performance pack.