Wellness Warrior & Movement Leader Success

Purium's leading Brand Partners are the heartbeat of the company. This successful group of leaders and rising stars are from all over the country and share the mission in lots of different ways. From sharing their discount codes to mentoring their team of Brand Partners, our leaders are financially empowered to do what they love.

Former Gym Owner Leaves Traditional Business Model Behind

"I am so happy that we are able to be a significant part of the ascension process on this planet. With Purium we are rewarded financially equivalent to our ability to implant our highest visions of what our team members can achieve, and then supporting them as they use their creator powers to manifest that possibility into existence into their/our realities."

Crown Ra of Earth, former gym owner, details how the Purium economy is more than just a better business model for his own happiness - it's a way to help others become the best versions of themselves too. See how he found Purium success.


Wellness Educators Find New Way to Spread Good Health

"We are so grateful that, Purium allows us to connect and engage with a like-minded health and wellness team - where we support each other to reach personal and financial goals as an Ohana!"

Passionate Health Educators and Advocates, Green Diamonds Tas & Leo ,  who are building their Purium business together. They began with Purium after receiving a gift code and sampling drinks while on vacation. Hear how they found Purium Success


Motivating Moms Around the World

"Being able to combine my passion for health and environmental stewardship into a successful business means I get to help people change their lives while simultaneously changing the circumstances of my own family. It is a win/win/win from every direction, and I feel so blessed and grateful to be a part of the Purium Tribe."
Home schooling Mom and MMM Council Member, Green Diamond Jodi P talks all things Purium. Hear how Jodi found Purium Success

Holistic Nutritionist Monetizes Her Nutritional Knowledge

"I am so thankful to Purium for having the opportunity of making Diamond this month. This achievement absolutely would not have been possible without the constant support of my Upline Melissa H and Sonia M, and my downline who worked so hard and accomplished so much. They are such a blessing to be able to work with! I’m so grateful to be a part of the Purium team! Thank you to all."

Diamond Christine R, RN and Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner shares why she was attracted to Purium and how it has changed her life. Hear how Christine found Purium Success 


Health Coach Leads the Bilingual Purium Movement

"The beauty of Purium is that it provides both the vehicle and the fuel to reaching our potential! We just have to embrace the road map and get out of the way for an amazing ride."

Holistic health Coach and yoga teacher Maria M, Diamond is a pillar at Purium. Maria along with her upline, has been leading the charge, in the bilingual market and successfully building a community of like-minded individuals. Hear how Maria found Purium Success 


Influencer Triples Her Business By Running to Diamond Rank

My sweet friend Yadi has been crushing it and is now part of DIAMOND CLUB! Yadi went on a recruiting spree starting last month, embraced the UBT promo & tripled her business this month! A few highlights:
Enrolled 6 new BPs with smart orders, upgraded several customers to BP, and nurturing her growing team, Blew past the 9K club

Purium Leader & Social Influencer, Green Diamond Yadira A, reveals why she loves Purium & growing her Purium Tribe. She talks about Purium's clean, organic products & business opportunity. Hear how Yadira found Purium Success


Health Activist Turns Her Passion Into Action

"Mia today goes down in history! You are An accumulation of a life dedicated to personal development, fierce and loving communication, play, travel and now: LEADERSHIP in a thriving company we both will retire with! Today you wake up having given yourself a massive promotion and I speak on behalf of your Amazing team who helped you rise..." Celeste M, Blue Diamond

Amazing Health Warrior, New Diamond Mia L, shares her quest for better health, a pathway to wealth and a freedom lifestyle. Hear how Mia found Purium Success 


Chiropractor Finds Success During Unprecedented Times

Quote from Upline 4-Star Crown Sonia M: "Beast mode doesn’t begin to describe Ashley. She’s been in action since January and is using a multi-pronged approach - consistent social media posting, picking up the phone to share these amazing products and the opportunity, 3 way phone calls, constant follow up and onboarding. This has set up a perfect template that her team is duplicating."

Top UBT enroller, Dr. Ashley R, Executive, has been rocking her Purium Business. She shares how she is building her business in these unprecedented times.


NCAA Athlete Goes Full-Time with Residual Income

Quote from Upline Crown Pi'ilani S: You heard Cindi K say FOCUS on the growth of your business vs the ranks & BAM... that’s exactly what you did...Impressed and inspired by your sheer force of will.

Kahala S, Executive from Oahu talks about her journey from using Purium while an NCAA college athlete, coming home and getting a job to going full-time with Purium. Her story is very inspiring and encouraging. 


Musician Earns Extra Money While Touring the World

"Ruby Chase, my girl!!! I am honored to witness you align with your highest potential. You inspire me every day! I love you like crazy! Congrats on your new diamond status. You deserve this and so much more. " - Roxanne R, Upline Red Diamond

Diamond Ruby C shared how Purium helped unlock her potential, transforming her health, her impact on the planet and her music and acting career. She's able to balance her entertainment career and work her Purium business by working from her phone. Hear how Ruby found Purium Success! 


LA-Based Model/Actor Finds Personal Fulfillment by Impacting His Community

"To me, Purium is a vehicle to help us collectively realize Heaven on Earth. How can we enjoy the Garden of Eden if our food supply is poisoned? Purium is a way for us to reclaim our power by turning our gut brains on!"

JJ M, DIamond, Model/Actor from Southern California, although was successful in his career wasn't feeling fulfilled. JJ feels blessed to have found Purium and gain a source of income which is in alignment with his soul while making a major impact on his community.  Hear how JJ found Purium Success


Purium Customer Transforms Her Life by Upgrading to Brand Partner

Quote from Upline Ashley C: Holy smokes mama! You are such a powerful force on this planet! Watching you make the decision to run for Green Diamond during the last days of the month has been truly inspiring. 

Top UBT Leader and 11K clubber, Diamond Erica S, shares her Purium journey. She started as a Customer with Purium doing a cleanse and then a year later decided to become a Brand Partner & share the business too. Hear how Erica found Purium Success 


Fitness Professional Makes Big Impact & Pays It Forward

From Upline 2-Star Crown Cindi K: "Aneesha thrives knowing that is she has found her forever home with Purium. She is so in alignment with our mission and inspired to pay it forward. Her confidence has driven her to be business forward and utilize our UBT promo to grow her tribe of leaders and make an even bigger impact in the world, for her own family and for so many others."

Fitness Professional Aneesha G, Executive, has been rocking her Purium business. She has been with Purium for several years starting with her love for the products and now is building her Purium Army, locking arms with those that share her mission. Hear how Aneesha found Purium Success


Yogi & Product Lover Rises in the Ranks

"I Love Purium because of their commitment in providing the highest quality Superfoods on the Planet, their desire to make this World a better place, this community of like-minded people, the support, the mentorship, the leadership and the love I receive from my team leaders in the Holistic Justice League."

Diamond Michael S, Yoga instructor, left the corporate world 30 years ago and never looked back. He has always been involved in the health and wellness "umbrella" and decided to join Purium to up this nutritional game. He started using the products to get even healthier and then saw the benefits of building his business. Learn how Michael found success with Purium 


Struggling Artist Increases His Income with Radical Authenticity

From Upline Blue Diamond Alec R: This is a huge blessing of a win for you, your team, & your sister! I love you! Your why is strong & this is the emergence of your WHY becoming a true reality. I’m so happy for you brother!

New Diamond Vali N had always feared he would live as a struggling artist, never having more than $3000 in in his bank account. With Purium, he is happy to have found a way to follow his calling with radical authenticity, all while enjoying the benefits of residual income and time-freedom. Vali loves the symbiotic nature of the Purium business model--growing your own success by helping others succeed. Hear how Vali found Purium Success


Wellness Warrior Hits Diamond Rank in Two Months

From Upline Crown Ra: "I have witnessed Ant do tremendous things. He triple ranked to executive in a few weeks and is now diamond. He was able to do that because of his resilience. He lives up to his name, Ant: If there is an obstacle in his path, he will study it, then make a decision to either go over it, around it, or find a way to carry (the lesson) away with him to use in the future. He is a very strong man, and watching him transform as a Purium business leader, has been so awesome to witness."

Anthony H, Diamond, ran FAST and tripled ranked his first month with Purium. In two months, he ranked Diamond. He shares what attracted him to Purium and how he started building his growing business. Hear how Anthony found Purium Success


Hospitality Experience & Passion for Nutrition

"I committed to this superfood movement when I recognized that it was in alignment with my purpose, but I thrived in this movement when I became a mama that wanted to provide and be present for her son."

Diamond Ashley S started her career with a hospitality background, but felt there was another calling for her, so she ventured into nutrition. Earlier this year, she committed to her goal to hit Diamond, going full force. By hitting the ground running, she rank advanced to Diamond! Learn how Ashley discovered Purium success


Transforming & Residual Income

"WOOOHOO!! The time has come sister. A massive Congratulations, YOU ARE DIAMOND BABE! I'm so proud of you for digging in deep, being super coachable, not quitting and holding the vision Always." - Rebecca H, Upline Blue Diamond

New Diamond Monique N joined Purium several years ago after learning about the Purium Transformation. Even when she had to take a break from the business during the time of the California fires, she earned residual income thanks to her team. Recently, she kicked her business into high gear and took advantage of business promos to reach new heights. Learn how Monique found success with Purium


Empowering Mind, Body & Soul

I am beyond proud of this mama for going all our for her dreams. Her leadership, unconditional love and support for each single one of us touches our heart. We love you and we are grateful to receive your magic!" - Carolina R., Upline Red Diamond

New Diamond Alyssa R shared her emotional Purium testimony, showing how she found light in darkness. With Purium, she is able to align her mission of empowering others with her mind, body and soul. Alyssa not only changed her life with the Purium business, she also changed her health with the Transformation, losing 32 pounds. Hear how Alyssa found Purium Success.


Empowered Earth Warrior Builds Wealth with Activism

"Purium has been the solution to our life’s dreams on so many levels. My husband and I have been committed to planetary change through permaculture design on our land... Purium delivered us a way to create an income stream to keep the land and begin to develop it for the benefit of so many, all while upgrading our quality of life and our relationships!"
New Crown Kristina, once an environmental science student, researched how she could help the planet, but did not see many solutions. She had a massive dream, but did not have the budget. With Purium, she is able to bridge the gap between her dream and building wealth. Click here to hear how she found success.

Lifestyle Entrepreneur Leads the Charge for Plant-Preneural Success

"What a blessing it is to be a part of this community of passionate change-making plant-preneurs! I truly believe that this business structure of mutual benefit, economic permaculture if you will, is one of the most impactful drivers of change in our modern society. By helping every day people create physical & financial sovereignty we are shifting the balance of power & transforming our world. I'm all about it!"
Digital nomad, activist and Purium Crown leader Tala gives his secrets to success, outlining how he re-invented his business and aligned with his team of millennials to propel their momentum even further. Click here to hear how he found success.

Mompreneur Upgrades Her Business & Lifestyle

"Purium has transformed my health and my idea of what is possible in my life. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be partnered with an organization with such integrity and heart."

Dana T, New Diamond and stay-at-home mother, found a new way to channel her energy into the world. After completing an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation with her family, Dana made the decision to align with Purium's opportunity to share health and wealth, allowing her to work on her own schedule. Hear how she found success.


Holistic Practitioner Commits to Better Health for Self and Planet

"Encouragement: Patience, Persistence, Consistency."
New Diamond Rob C, holistic health practitioner, aligned with Purium's transparent commitment to health and wellness for self and planet. Both the freedom of the Purium economy and community support from his team allow Rob to follow his passions, while earning residual income. Learn how Rob discovered Purium success.

Health Coach Grows His Business By Growing His Team

"Being part of the Purium community has truly changed my life. It has always been my dream to help people be better versions of themselves and from wherever I am! Purium has allowed me to fully step into that power with the finest superfoods on the market and the ascended business model of the Social Sharing Economy systems. Most importantly for me, Purium has gifted me a family all around the world and it continues to grow everyday. That is invaluable!"
New Diamond John K, health coach, was drawn to Purium's dedication to providing whole, non-GMO and organic superfoods. After making a commitment to his business with the support of his team, he ranked up to Diamond. Learn how John discovered Purium success.

Massage Therapist Finds New Way to Make Money During Homestay

"Purium has gifted me a path to the fulfilment of my heart's desires. Thanks to this company, I am now saving money to record my Divino BetSatori songs, and publish my book "Give Fruit a Chance". Grateful for Dave, Amy, my upteam, downteam, and all the people that work for this beautiful project." 

Bruno T, new Diamond, yoga teacher and massage therapist, did not feel fulfilled with his corporate job. After venturing into the health and wellness field, the unprecedented home-stay order affected his income. So, he decided to accelerate his business. Learn how Bruno discovered Purium success.


Skincare Professional Leverages the Purium #UBT During Unprecedented Times

From Upline 2-Star Crown Lucy Mazes on FB: "Hello Team, meet our newest DIAMOND."
Skincare professional and New Diamond Shari H found Purium at a health and wellness conference. While she was hesitant to make the jump from Customer to Brand Partner at first, she now leverages the Ultimate Business Transformation in this new COVID-altered world. Learn how Shari discovered Purium success.

Personal Trainer Accelerates Her Biz by Double-Ranking

"Purium has allowed me to connect deeper with my community, myself, and earth. It’s so beautiful witnessing how many lives I’ve touched and transformed, especially being a part of such a supportive & loving superfood community."
New Green Diamond Melissa C, personal trainer, double-ranked in her Purium biz after making a commitment in 2020. After seeing the product benefits for herself, she chose to share with others too. Learn how Melissa discovered Purium success.

Artist Builds Her Business & Income in Quarantine

"Purium has helped me create beach money while I was quarantining in Mexico. It was really helpful to be able to grow my business literally from anywhere. It just shows what a little hard work and perseverance can achieve."

New Diamond Shannon S, artist and jewelry curator, made a commitment to her team to build her business during these unprecedented times. While her other business had slowed down during home-stay, Shannon was able to supplement with residual income. Learn how Shannon discovered Purium success.


Former Academic Researcher Creates New Life with the Purium Lifestyle

From Upline Crown Robin Tala on FB: "It is truly a spectacular day because today YOU HAVE ACHIEVED THE RANK OF DIAMOND, MY DEAR!!!"
New Diamond Meredith H, a former neuroscience researcher at one of the nation's top university, left the academic world to fulfill her dream of creating a movement with others. Now she empowers others and earns money while doing it.  Learn how Meredith discovered Purium success.

Author Finds New Way to Leverage His Social Stardom

From Upline Bruno T: "Congratulations Daniel E... He created a system that works for his team. He is learning, stepping into leadership and enjoying the fun and easing in the system. Proud of this guy and grateful for all he is bringing to our team."

New Green Diamond Daniel E, author and social media star, shared how he aligned with Purium's eco-preneural mission. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Daniel decided now was the time to take action with Purium's disruptive network marketing model. Hear how he found found success.


Health Professional & Busy Mom Supports Family on Her Own Terms

Purium has created so much opportunity for me and my family to live our passions and be of service! I am honored to be a part of the purium tribe and lifestyle, teamwork makes for dreamwork! 
New Black Diamond Mary
Beth F, health professional, joined Purium when she was a struggling single mom. With Purium, she gained the opportunity to support her family on her own terms. Learn how Mary Beth found success

Health Coach Finds the Answer to Her Prayers with Purium

Purium is an answer to so many prayers; it was and is continuing to be that for me. We are blessed to be here and share it with the world.
New Diamond Noa L, health coach, was not interested in Purium at first, but the Purium mission spoke to her. After praying for a colloborative opportunity to earn another stream of income, she found her answer with Purium. Learn how Noa found Purium success:

Celebrated DJ Spreads the Rhythm of Health

From Crown Tracie F on FB: "t’s exciting to watch you build up your weekly checks, while you continue to look for your new Brand Partners for exponential growth in your team."
Black Diamond Tevya J, touring musician and DJ, joined Purium as a Customer after discovering our premium product quality. While he was hesitant at first to Upgrade into the networking marketing economy, he is now a Purium pillar of success. Learn how Tevya found Purium success

Massage Therapist Support Finds Financial Relief

We are beyond grateful to earn the recognition of Red Diamond and soon to be Crown. This simply put means that thousands of lives have positively changed from the inside out and financially people are able to live a life that fullfills their souls, including our own.
New Red Diamond Rebecca H, holistic entrepeneur and massage therapist, built her dream life with her husband, but struggled to support her family financially. After being introduced to Purium, she generated significant income with the Purium business model. Learn how Rebecca found Purum success

Health Coach and Nutritionist Accelerates Her Success

Partnering with Purium has truly been transformative for me. I love all their products but I know with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation I know I'm changing lives one transformation at a time. 
New Diamond Julie B, Canadian health coach and nutritionist, masterfully blends her own lifestyle change program with the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation to empower her clients and build her business. Learn how Julie discovered Purium success.

Fitness Builder Elevates Her Business in 1 Year

From Enroller & Diamond Ashley Sperber on FB: "Tonight we are celebrating Ms. Alicia Marie for achieving the DIAMOND rank, one month shy of her 1 year anniversary with Purium! WOW is all I have to say about earning this remarkable achievement!"
Diamond Alicia B, fitness leader and entrepreneur, ranked to Diamond in under one year. With support from her Upline and team, she learned how to upgrade her business with this biz secret: be the messenger, not the message.

Art Savant Kick-Starts Superfood Business in Just 3 Months

 From Upline Crown Carolina Rocha: "We are all inspired in how dedicated you are to everyone you come in contact with. Your leadership is limitless and we are proud you are with us in this life journey"

Diamond Seraphim, Holistic Justice League leader and art savant, ranked to Diamond in just a few months by leveraging Purium's easily duplicatable system. Hear how he found success.

Single Mother Overcomes Natural Disaster

Purium has been a huge gift supporting me to rejuvenate my physical health after birthing 5 babies in 10 years, and also restore my hope and gratitude to be able to provide for my family as a single mama, while being connected to a mission, community, and life sharing my gifts, all in complete alignment with my values, heart, and soul. 
Green Diamond Erika C, entrepreneur and single mother of 5, lost her home during a natural disaster. She overcame this adversity, coming back even stronger. Hear how Erika found success.

Holistic Business Mentors Say Goodbye to the 9 to 5

As I step into more abundance I support others to do the same. I vote with my dollar and use the money I earn here to support businesses and causes close to my heart. This is financial permaculture and we are flipping the script that has been handed down to us for too long!!
Red Diamonds Ashley & Oscar C, business and health mentors, decided that the typical 9 to 5 work business model would not work for their family. Instead, they created time-freedom, location-freedom and passive income with the Purium business model. Hear how they found Purium success.

Fitness Trainer Leads Social + Economic Change

"The biggest shift is believing in yourself enough that organically creates a shift in others! It starts with YOU!"
New Diamond Lauren W, holistic fitness trainer, cultivates the foundation for social and economic justice in her community by sharing an opportunity to grow health and wealth. Hear how she found Purium success.

Masseuse Overcomes Business Shutdown

"I'm so excited for this company, the mission and direction."
Diamond Angela A, masseuse, leveraged the Purium Compensation Plan when her business shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. See how she found Purium success.

Restaurant Owner Recovers Income During Pandemic

"I'm having an amazing experience with the business, the products, the community, and the whole entire process and I want other people to experience this and to know this exists in the world."
Diamond Nikki L, restaurant owner, took a leap of faith with Purium when her business shut its doors during the pandemic. Within a couple months, she created a new source of income. Hear how she found Purium success.

Health Enthusiast Triumphs After Tragedy

"I had a whole concept of what I thought network marketing and multi-level marketing was all about. Being with Purium has completely shifted that perception and it aligns with me and what I'm all about."
Diamond Angelo L, Holistic Justice League member, embarked on a quest for high quality nutrition after surviving a brain tumor. After partnering with Purium, he advanced to a leadership rank without any networking experience. Hear how he found Purium success.

Boxer Snags Financial Win After Losing Her Job

"When COVID happened, I lost my job...so I made this my full-time gig... It's definitely been a life-saver for me and I have been able to help other people do the same thing."
Diamond Jill S, high-level boxer and trainer, enrolled as a Brand Partner after falling in love with the products. After losing her day job due to the pandemic, she still earns a full income. Hear how she found success.

Economist Ditches Corporate Career to Solve Health Crisis

"Building with integrity is what I pride myself on. For me, it's the number one most important thing I do in my entire life."
Green Diamond Kendrinna R, integrative nutritionist, shifted her career from studying the economy to establishing a new economy and helping solve the world's health crisis. Hear how she found Purium success.

Nurse Practitioner Grows Business By Sharing What She Loves

"Just having the family, the community and the whole mission is something that I can stand behind 110%."
 Diamond Amalia Gray, nurse practitioner, loved Purium products so much that she became a Brand Partner. With her team, she gradually worked her way to Diamond in 2 years. See how she found success.

Wellness Coach Creates Dream Life While Traveling

Quote: From Upline 4-Star Crown Sonia M: "This has been the most incredible journey. Melissa is a gem beyond belief. Her drive is only matched by her beautiful heart."

Crown Melissa H, wellness coach, spent her time juggling several jobs, including leading cooking classes and massage therapy. By connecting with Purium, Melissa gained an opportunity to enrich the lives of her clients and make money while traveling. Hear how Melissa found success.


Business Entrepreneur Leverages Market His Way

"I launched my Purium business when I was a full-time sales rep in the natural products industry. After 11 years, my business partner decided to give my territory & income to another brokerage. I was devastated, but this was the greatest gift. I found Purium and rose to the level of 4 Star Crown. In today’s economy, you can't just rely on your job; you need to rely on yourself. Aligning with a company that shares the same vision, I am very blessed to have a sizable income that continues to grow as we help people with our incredible line of products and business model."

4-Star Crown Ian F, athlete & network marketing expert, helped launch the Purium business by becoming our first Brand Partner in 2003!  Hear how he found  success.


Leaving the Corporate World Behind

"Before Purium, I was working all the time. I had a successful corporate career but I found myself trading time for dollars. Purium opened my eyes to new possibilities and our incredible business model allowed me to replace my 6-figure income in a few short months, while still allowing me to be present as a mom.  In the last 5 years, I have been blessed to work with an incredible community, impacting over 30,000 lives. "

2-Star Crown Cindi shared how she jumped from Corporate Sales to Purium. With Purium, she was could stay home with her children more often & make more money. She described how residual income & teamwork go hand in hand. Learn how Cindi found Purium Success.


Dedicated Dad Builds International Business

"In 2013, I experienced two life-changing events: the birth of my second child and the loss of one of my businesses. As a new parent, I was exhausted, but I saw the incredible value of the Purium organic business opportunity and applied my skills diligently. After 9 months, I built strong teams and achieved Blue Diamond. The taste of success was delicious and lucrative! So, for the past 5 years, I have stayed consistent with my business, touring as far as the UK (twice) to help build my teams. I am most grateful that it is a LEVERAGED business, so I can work when I want. As a father, that changes a lot."

Certified Health Nut, Ripped at 50, 2-Star Crown Troy C shares his heart and passion about Purium. - "Never let go of your dreams" Hear how Troy found Purium Success


Unleashing Her Inner Health Warrior

"With Purium I was not only able to create financial freedom, but it also opened the doors for me to unleash my leadership. I created a team of extremely strong individuals that stand for sharing their passion. We help both people and the earth. We are changing the world with pure and clean superfoods!"

Crown Carolina R, professional architect, not only creates the framework for majestic buildings—she creates the foundation for health and time-freedom too! Hear how she found success.


From Humble Beginnings to Business Entrepreneurs

"As a husband-wife team, we are very grateful for the financial success we accomplished with Purium. We both come from humble beginnings and poor families. It feels amazing to be able to buy our first home, travel, and have complete financial & time freedom. With hard work and perseverance, we now have true residual income and can work from anywhere we want and as much as we want. The best part is that we get to do it with the best people who have become our family. It doesn't get better than that!"

Crowns Joel & Jane C built their business on their favorite products, the same products they use everyday. Together, they have built a vast team that continues to grow every day. Learn how Joel & Jane discovered Purium success.


Finding + Funding His Passion

"I have always known that I wanted to venture into the world of holistic health & wellness; however, I had no clue how! When Purium landed on my lap, I quickly felt it was a perfect match for me to step into my passion. I fell in love with the mission, the lifestyle, the owners, the standards, the philosophy, and the quality of all the formulas. Fast forward to today, I have realized my true purpose of unconditionally serving & leading others."

Diamond Jeremy F., eco-activist and millenial, joined Purium when found his goals were symbiotic with Purium's mission. Today, he helps pioneer a new world of sustainablilty while growing his business. Learn how Jeremy discovered Purium success.


Purium Power Couple Leads Spanish/English Movement

I am so humbled and so proud to be the 1st Latina 2-Star Crown in Purium! To be able to support and show my (Mi Gente) Latino Community a way to have a better life, has always been one of my most important goals! “YES” " Si Se Puede"

2-Star Crown Lucy and Michael M, business entrepreneurs, cultivated one of the fasted-growing teams in Purium. Lucy has been leading the Spanish/English bilingual Purium movement for years, growing a beautiful community. Learn how Lucy and Michael found Purium success.


Building a Community of 20,000 People

"When I joined Purium almost 5 years ago I had been a massage therapist for 13 years and just gave birth to my third baby. I realized I needed to make a change. If I continued down the path I was on, I would end up being 80-years-old, still massaging people, with no opportunity to ever stop working. I made the decision to find a way to create residual income while making a bigger impact on more people with less time and energy. I have now impacted over 20,000 lives with Purium's thriving, vibrant community. Best of all, I can work with my children still by my side. Purium has allowed me to feel more presence with my family."

5-Star Crown Sarah R , former massage therapist, shares how she exited the "matrix" of the traditional business model by entering the Purium economy. Hear how Sarah found Purium Success.


From Fitness-building to Business-building

"Olivia and I feel so blessed for the opportunity to partner with Purium. For the past 7 years, we helped people develop their bodies with our fitness business Authentik Fitness. Purium gives us the opportunity to take skills we learned & combine them with mental training we developed through our mentorship with Bob Proctor. We help people create a life of significance by impacting others in a meaningful way. Service to many leads to greatness. We are excited for our opportunity to serve a mission and community bigger than us. Our goal is to Awaken the champion in others just as the champion in us has."

Blue Diamond Brandon O, personal trainer & Gym Owner, shares how he & his wife Olivia built a successful Purium business in a short time. On this amazing journey they have impacted & changed many lives. Hear how Brandon and Olivia found Purium Success


Expanding Their Earning Potential

"We are very proud to be a small part of a growing movement of entrepreneurs that have locked arms with Purium as an essential manufacturer of this life giving Organic Superfood nutrition. As leaders of the Agents of Change, we continue to inspire and support professionals in their prospective fields to utilize this tool and integrate these products into their practice and brand. 

Black Diamond Raven "CJ " has been an entrepreneur all her life and has shifted her focus to Purium. She encompasses what perseverance and focus are all about. Click to hear how Raven found Purium Success 


Leading the Healthy Living Movement

"I am filled with gratitude to be making my dreams come true with Purium, helping women, moms and families create radiant and prosperous lives!"
Blue Diamond Stephanie Dawn, chair of the Million Mom Movement Council, is a walking example of Purium empowerment. As a business coach, activist and guide, she helps families reach economic empowerment while also supporting her own health and goals. Learn how Stephanie found Purium success.

Real Estate Brokers Find Success in Network Marketing

"Before Purium, we were successful in real estate brokerage & investing. We enjoyed our work, the money was great, but we had no free time. It was nearly impossible to take a vacation without working the whole time. Purium entered our lives at the perfect time. We needed to lose some weight and gain energy back. Our Purium income surpassed Sonia's full-time brokerage income. Purium gave us time freedom, location independence & the joy of helping others improve their lives & achieve their goals in ways they never dreamed possible."

4-Star Crown Sonia M and Doug M, former real estate brokers, replaced & surpassed their six-figure income by leveraging the Purium business. Hear how they found success.


Building a Dream Home On Hawaii

"5 years ago, I remember wondering how I would afford to send my daughter to college, much less be able to retire. 2 years ago, my Purium income eclipsed my other businesses & I retired my wellness practice & sold my production company. I now earn 6-figure incomes from the comfort of my home. I was able to make a long-time dream come true & buy 3.5 acres of land in Hawaii. Plus, I am in the process of building our dream home. Purium has been the answer to all my prayers supporting People, Purpose, Planet & Prosperity!"

2-Star Crown Skylar M, massage therapist & performer, built a six figure income based on residual income & duplication. Retirement did not seem possible to her before Purium. Learn how Skylar found Purium success


Back to Business- Better Than Ever

"Five years ago I enrolled as a Purium Brand Partner and flourished. But right after that, my entire life turned upside down. I stopped distributing the products, but never stopped taking them. Now, I'm back with two baby girls, and still I'm thriving. My advice for Brand Partners? It’s a marathon not a race. The climb to the top is different for everyone but the key is to simply never quit."

- Red Diamond, Natalie

Gaining Financial Freedom and Quality Family Time

"Before Purium, I was sad that I wouldn’t have been able to visit my college-aged daughter for four years as it’s about $1,500 (air expenses alone). I didn’t have that. Sadness changed to joy, because I started to share my Purium $50 off code. It’s quite fun and simple! Because of Purium, I can proudly say this: not only did I visit my daughter 1-2 times each year for four years (plus, host my family during her graduation), but I was also able to take care of her student loans! I’m blessed to have made the decision to stand in the center of this mission."

- Crown, Pi'ilani

Healing Body and Mind

"My passion in life is to share healing with others and let people know that suffering is optional. Since adding Purium into my private practice it has created so much abundance and balance in my life. With Purim, I am helping even more people heal coming from all walks of life with accessible nutrition. I am forever grateful for this partnership with Purium, and I only see more health and wealth on the horizon. "

- Green Diamond, Carrie

25 Year-Old Earning 6-Figures

"When I found Purium, I was looking for a way to help artists and activists supplement their incomes and stay healthy while on the road. In a few years I built a 6-figure annual income and continue to reach new levels of peak fitness. Purium shares my holistic vision and has given me a community which I adore."

- Red Diamond, Roxanne

Making A Year's Worth of Income in 3 Months

"For 10 years, I worked in the health & wellness network marketing field, yet there was nothing as brilliant & pure as Purium! By sharing Purium for 3 months, my check was more than what I made in one year with my past company! I am thankful to help so many people with the cleanest food on the planet as well as getting paid."

- Diamond, Kimberly

Serving the World with Superfood + Holistic Health

"Joining forces with Purium was the single best decision I ever made to support my clients, colleagues, and friends with the highest quality superfoods on the market. The degree of integrity, quality control, product sourcing, and commitment to excellence is unmatched in the entire nutrition industry. The leadership of this company is what everyone should aspire to. Their dedication to providing a business model that contributes to planet, purpose, people, & prosperity is deeply inspiring. "

- Green Diamond, Ronnie

Changing the World...From the Comfort of Her Home

"As a new mom, there was nothing that I wanted more in the world than to be able to work from home by my child. I have always been passionate about plant based nutrition and was excited to share something that I could align with and get paid for my efforts too. I quickly adopted the mission & vision of the Million Mom Movement and started empowering other moms, sharing what was possible. If I could do it, you can too!"

- Blue Diamond, Nayeva

Married Couple Funds their Philanthropy

"We took a leap of faith when we added Purium as one of our income streams. We didn’t realize five years ago how significant that decision would be. Our family's life direction radically changed when we moved to Ecuador 2 years ago and donated our Purium income to support children and the elderly. Don’t ignore those little taps on your heart. You never know what is in store for you down the road. "

- Crown, Doreen & CP

From a "Different Learner" to a "6-Figure Earner"

"I struggled in school and had a hard time learning the conventional way. I was labeled with a "learning disability" and got a GED instead of the more traditional diplomas. But that hasn't stopped me from succeeding at Purium! I am a six-figure a year income earner and have helped several other families do the same. I see the long game and that is to change lives and empower people."

- 3-Star Crown, Tracie

Traveling the World + Impacting the World

"As a wedding photographer, I always had to hustle through the seasons to keep my business going. My income waxed & waned. I also suffered from adrenal fatigue, stress and frankly was burnt out. I never knew my prayers for health and financial stability would come in one fell swoop! I’m grateful for the Purium lifestyle. I now am a professional bodybuilder & with my residual income, I am able to support my family back in the Philippines & travel frequently."

- Crown, Rachel

From Struggling Yoga Instructor to Thriving Entrepreneur

"Before Purium, I was teaching 15 classes of yoga a week, hustling my passion & getting burnt out. With the training and guidance that comes along with this platform, I have been able to create an income from Purium that helps me share my passion and most importantly, fully financially support myself. The gift code system is so easy and sharing it on social media and my podcast creates a massive residual impact!" 

- Black Diamond, Alec

Sales Executive Gains #EPIC Win

"Time and financial freedom has been a dream come true thanks to Purium. I came from 20 years in corporate America as a medical sales executive. Weekly travel, time away from my family, and job stress took a toll on me personally, affecting my health. But with Purium, I was able to create an #EPIC team and qualify as Blue Diamond within a year of joining. The support and positive encouragement from every single person I have met at this company is like none other! Thank you all so much! "

- Blue Diamond, Kiki

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