Give more than a discount  – give better health. At Purium, we pay YOU to help transform the health of others. Learn how our discount code sharing strategy works for you.

Create Your Code

Create your own unique discount code which you can share an unlimited number of times. Every Customer you sign up and every Brand Partner you enroll will always be linked to you. That means you earn commission when they make purchases or sign other Brand Partners.

Give Savings

Creating loyal customers is the foundation for a solid residual income. Customers save $50 or more on their first purchase using your unique code. Your new Customers are connected to you and plugged into the best Loyal Customer Program in the industry.

Here are a few of the benefits of our Customer Program:

  • Farm-to-family quality and value
  • Save up to 25% on every purchase
  • Earn Purium Rewards Points towards free products
  • Special discount and points offers
  • Protected by 60-day money back guarantee
  • No membership or auto-ship required for maximum savings
  • Upgrade from Customer to Brand Partner to share and earn

Be a Wellness Warrior

Sharing One-to-One

  • Share your $50 discount code with family, friends and new people
  • Encourage regular use with our convenient Smart Order
  • Enroll and upgrade people who want to make money, not just save money

Be a Movement Leader

Sharing One-to-Many

  • Share your $50 discount code with a large social media following, a yoga studio or other big audience
  • Enroll people with large customer-reaches who can easily share $50 discount codes
  • Grow a team of Wellness Warriors through coaching and team-building

Influencers Can Join Easily

Finally, you can now partner with a brand you feel good about! Earn 25% on all referrals, while making the world a better place with plant-based nutrition. Oh, and we forgot to mention: influencers can enroll for free*.

* Influencers must submit proof of one of the following to qualify: 
10,000 subscribers,followers, likes or views on a social media profile, Insta-Story or video

"Signing up as a [Purium] Brand Partner has changed my life…

Purium has provided the structure and direction that I was looking for to help my clients transition to a whole food plant-based diet. It has really helped me streamline my entire business. It feels good being able to share their products knowing that they are organic, non-GMO, and the best of the best. I am also grateful for the love and support that comes from everyone in this company."

- Melissa via Rank Advancer's Recognition 

Enroll for Free

We make it easy to join the social sharing economy. Choose your unique code and receive unlimited gift cards for a full year for just $199. What’s even better? There are several different ways to join for FREE!

Standard Brand Partners

Buy $500+ product purchase, get your membership for free

Licensed Beauty & Wellness Professionals

Submit proof of doctor or beauty certification and business card and get free membership

Social Media Influencers

Submit proof of 10000 followers/subscribers, 500 likes/comments on a post, or 2000 views on Instagram stories and get free membership

Registered 501(c)(3) Non-profits

Submit letter of determination and 501(c)(3) form and get free membership


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