90-Day Healthy Habit Promo

incentives Aug 01, 2023

When you sign up a new or existing customer on a 90-day Lifestyle Subscription during August, you'll earn 300 GQV when they complete the subscription in October. Subscriptions must begin in August 2023.

ULT Lifestyle Landing Page

Direct customers to our ULT Lifestyle landing page! With one click, you can have them subscribe for what  a ULT Lifestyle Subscription. They'll be able to choose which ULT they want and after their 90 days, they'll automatically be converted to a Daily Core 4.

How to create a permalink for ultlifestyle.com 

At the end of ultlifestyle.com add /?giftcard=giftcode 

Example: Giftcode is Debbie


What packs qualify? 

  • ULT
  • ULT+ Collagen
  • ULT + Immune
  • ULT + Performance



What if the Smart Order does not ship or gets returned? 

Disqualification from promo. 

May we add more to the Smart Order for months 2 & 3 and beyond?

Yes - you can add more to the Smart Order, but make sure you have a UBT qualifying pack on the Smart Order too, if you want to qualify for the 90-day promotion. 

Can current Customers and Brand Partners sign-up for the 90-day commitment and qualify their Uplines for the promo? 

Yes. Have them purchase a UBT qualifying pack account and add the corresponding ULT-Smart Order to their Smart Order - all in their iShopPurium.com. Products must trigger and not be returned to earn points.



What if my Customer completes their first month, but does not complete their full 3-month commitment? 

They will still qualify for initial month UBT but not for the 90-day commitment 300 points. 

What about Transformation Now?

Do they live close by? Meet up for it. Also, you can have them put your address in and then change it back to theirs before their next Smart Order ships.

Can we offer customers something, maybe more points for staying for 3 months?

Customers get a free electric blender on the initial purchase. Plus, 2x the points!

Money back guarantee?

Yes - you will have 60 days to have your money back.

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