We are Purium: Sharing the Economic Revolution

business training May 22, 2023

From Purium's Business Training Zoom on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 with Dave Sandoval. Join the co-founders every 3rd Tuesday of every month for a special Purium Business Training.



At Purium, we have an economic system we are extremely proud of. As a Purium...

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April Dave Business Training

business training Apr 19, 2023

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Slide Deck

The most powerful word in marketing is being a one and only. Being unique. At Purium, we have several reasons why we could say we’re the one and only. We have several reasons we could say we are the best. This makes your role much easier.

We Have the Cleanest...

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UBT Verbiage from 5-Star Crown Melissa Hanson

business training Apr 11, 2023

Training Script for Leslie & Leaders Zoom April 11, 2023

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Always assume the sale 

EVERY person you talk to, write their name on a potential list. 42% chance higher you’ll sign them up when written on paper 

Do a poll on social media

  • Send zoom |...
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Amy & Dave February Business Training

business training Mar 15, 2023

On one Tuesday every month, Purium’s own co-founders will give their entrepreneurial insights on how to best grow your business right now! 

February 21, 2023 Call Info:



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Purium Provides An Opportunity for the American Dream

Today’s American Dream...

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What's New at Purium in 2023

business training Jan 12, 2023

All of us at Purium are excited to kick off a new year with you! Below are some big changes to take note of for your business in 2023.

Did you miss Dave & Amy’s kickoff zoom? Find it on the What’s Important Now page on iSharePurium.com

Purium's ULT packs have been reconfigured...

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Introducing Purium's Fast Start to Director Deck

Do you want to develop more Fast Start earners? Are you looking for a simple training that can help you mentor your team to earn Fast Start bonus cash?

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, Leslie revealed Purium’s new Fast Start to Director training deck. 

This deck will help you and your new...

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Leslie Zann October 2022 Zoom Recaps

business training Oct 05, 2022

Oct 4: 4th Q Seasonal Strategies

Welcome to 4th Q - which is the Holiday Season! Are you ready to navigate this new 90 day period? During Leslie's Fall Forum Zoom, she reviewed the current incentives - and delivered a comprehensive 4th Q Action Plan to help you prepare for a record...

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September Health and Wealth Transformations - Recaps

business training Sep 26, 2022

Fall may be in full swing, but we’re feeling the Purium sharing economy heating up! There are so many reasons to be #PuriumProud, and this month, our community is dedicated to showing you! 

Every Monday at 6 pm PT, Purium Co-Founders go LIVE on Zoom with a Brand Partner as they share...

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Meeting the Moment: Purium's August 2022 Health & Wealth Transformation Zoom Recaps

business training Sep 09, 2022

Although the summer is coming to an end, the #phpmoments don’t stop! August was filled with amazing testimonies to inspire your business. 

Every Monday, Purium's Co-owner, Amy Venner, leads a powerful Zoom featuring a Purium Brand Partner. Together, they discuss that guest's...

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Leslie Zann August 2022 Zoom Recaps

business training Aug 31, 2022

Customer Service Practice: August 2, 2022

At Purium, we’re dedicated to creating a customer experience second to none. Leslie revealed our NEW Customer Service Practice! During this call, Leslie shared tips, scripts, and concepts that will result in higher retention, upselling,...

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