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business training Apr 11, 2023

Training Script for Leslie & Leaders Zoom April 11, 2023

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Always assume the sale 

⭐️ EVERY person you talk to, write their name on a potential list. 42% chance higher you’ll sign them up when written on paper 

⭐️ Do a poll on social media

  • Send zoom | send replay
  • Send info | call me
  • Call me | dm deets etc

 ⭐️ Any interest or anyone who clicks on poll…respond,

 “Hi Suzy Q, if you did this program, would you be looking, for gut support, hormone balance, or weight loss? May I send you a recording that explains how this program works? 

Let them respond:

 Send them your favorite ULT Video

 "Ok here is the recording. Let’s connect tomorrow. I’m free at 12 or 2pm pst. What time is better for you?" 

(Mark your calendar for a tentative call for the earlier time just in case you don’t see their response in time) 

Reach out to them for the first appointment time you scheduled… (if IG call 📞 them)

If they don’t answer…

“Hi Susie Q I tentatively put you down for today at 12 to get your thoughts on that video. I have another opening tomorrow at 12 if that’s better for you."

⭐️ I will continuously do this until I get them on the phone. Once they’re on the phone it’s as good as sealed. 

⭐️ I must’ve done this five times with one woman and finally she wrote back, “so sorry, I was taking care of my mom, are you free tomorrow at 12?” We got on the phone at noon, signed her up on the 90 day and got three referrals from her. 

I listened to the pain points of those 3 referrals she spoke about THEN made a copy/past text that she could connect us with.

YES I spoon feed people. I make it so easy for them.

  • DONT give up on people.
  • Don’t take it personal
  • People are busy
  • People appreciate that we care
  • Come from a place of love/compassion NOT frustration/desperation

What do I say once I get them on the phone?

  • Tell me more about yourself, how is your energy at this point? If 10 was perfect?
  • Are you getting a good eight hours of sleep?
  • How was your digestion? Do you get easily bloated
  • Are you dealing with joint pain?
  • Brain fog?
  • Headaches
  • How many cups of coffee per day?
  • Have you been able to give up dairy yet?
  • How much weight would you like to release? Ideally long-term?

(I take a rapid fire notes while they are talking)

Once they are done talking about themselves, which they absolutely love doing because most people do not have a sincere, compassionate, listening, ear, I then ask them, what did you like about that video I sent you?

I let them answer

"Yes, I love those things as well. So what are your thoughts? Do you think you would like to try this program?"

(Nine times out of 10. It’s an emphatic yes!!!)

OK excellent let’s get you rolling. What is the best email address for you?

What is the best shipping address? 

What card would you like to use?

Excellent let me repeat that back to make sure I got everything correct …

Do you think your husband would like to do this with you?

Great, what’s the best email address for him?

And his cell phone?

Perfect and will use the same shipping in card right? 

Excellent, you’re going to experience the best results doing this for a solid 90 days – that’s why we offer the Lifestyle Subscription, and then once you release the weight, and loving how your clothes fit, we will then transition you to one meal replacement per day. But you and I will talk throughout your journey. I’m so excited for you Suzy you are going to absolutely love this. 

Follow up:

  • DON'T give up on people.
  • Don’t take it personal
  • People are busy
  • People appreciate that we care
  • Come from a place of love/compassion NOT frustration/desperation

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