Introducing Purium's Customer Service Practice (CSP)

business training tools Aug 08, 2022

Access Purium's Customer Service Practice (CSP) in Boards! 

Boards  Next Steps Customer Service Practice (CSP) 

Leslie Zann introduced our Customer Service Practice on August 3, 2022! She shared tips, scripts, and concepts that will result in higher retention, upselling,...

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UBT2022: Accelerate Your Business Transformation

incentives Jul 29, 2022


UBT Summer Accelerator promo is ACTIVE! Click HERE for details!


  • Gain New Customers and Brand Partner Upgrades/Enrollments in 2022
  • Increase Smart Order sign-ups & help your team rank faster (before 1 month)

Why We Love It:

  • Motivates new...
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Health and Wealth Zoom with Amy Venner: Recaps

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2022

Ready to change your life? Are you or someone you know ready to:

  • Take charge of your health?
  • Take charge of your wealth?  

Every Monday, Purium's Co-owner, Amy Venner, leads a powerful Zoom featuring a Purium Brand Partner. Together, they discuss personal transformation journeys: both...

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Diamond Dash 2022

incentives Jul 15, 2022

For those in their Fast Start Period Only 

Developing new direct and downline Diamonds is the key to your success! New Diamonds reinforce a strong structure and set you up for long term success and rank advancement. 

When you achieve this Diamond Dash, you and your Enroller will receive...

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Introducing: The Futurist Achievement Promotion: Your Stepping Stone to Diamond

incentives Jul 13, 2022

Everyone can be a Futurist!

Are you ready to tap into your future potential…TODAY? The future starts now!! 

Introducing…  the Futurist Achievement! 

What is Futurist? 

In 2022, we want you to hit the Diamond Leadership Rank and the Futurist is the stepping...

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Leslie Zann July 2022

business training Jul 11, 2022

July 19 - Purium Point Parade

Do you have a goal to promote in Rank this summer? Are you aware of all the incentives available to EARN qualifying points?

The generosity of Amy and Dave was on full display on Tuesday, July 19 as Leslie reviewed the Purium Points Parade with special guests: 2 Star...

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3 Promos to Kickoff July!

incentives tools Jul 01, 2022

Amy, Dave, Debbie, and Leslie launched July with exciting new incentives that are sure to heat up your summer business! Here is everything announced on the Purium July Kickoff call. Leverage these new incentives today, and share them with your team! Together you will reach new heights this...

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Purium Partners

business training events Jun 15, 2022

We’ve all heard the outdated saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman.” 

At Purium, we like to say, “At the SIDE of every great leader is a supportive PARTNER.”

Partners show up in many forms. Whether a spouse, child, parent, or friend – a...

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UBT Summer Accelerator

incentives May 14, 2022


Earn 500 UBT Points for July AND August. Let’s end this month strong and start August off with a BANG!!

Inspire 3 NEW* personally enrolled Customers or Brand Partners to purchase a ULT or featured pack plus enroll in Smart Order of 50 BV or more. After...

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How To Purchase Purium Banners & Tablecloths

events tools May 13, 2022

Looking for signage for your next Purium event? We have you covered! While purchasing banners from us is not yet possible, we can provide the assets you need to create at your convenience. 

For your convenience, we have provided Banners and Table Cloth images to create signage with a third...

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