March Amy & Dave Business Training

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2023

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Be In Business for Yourself, Not by Yourself

Each Brand Partner has there own unique way to grow their Purium Business. Every single weekday, Purium is right there with you to help build your business in a multitude of avenues.

Income Producing Events

  • Health & Wealth Transformations with Amy: every Monday at 6pm PT
  • Products & Passion with Dave: every Wednesday at 6pm PT

Business Training Events

  • Money Map wth Debbie: every Monday at 4pm PT
  • Leslie & Leaders with Leslie: every Tuesday at 6pm PT
  • Español Training: every Thursday at 6pm PT

Community Events

  • Fierce Friday with the Million Mom Movement: every Friday at 11am

We Do It For You

Starting your own business can be an extremely time consuming venture. When you partner with Purium, we do the shipping and inventory management, we have a warehouse, and we do the accounting and commission management. This allows you to do what you love; helping people.

2 Ways to Grow Your Business

Affiliate Marketing: Share your story and products

Network Marketing: Build a team of like-minded people

The affiliate marketing side has a limited earning potential. A customer can only buy so many products. You will receive a big piece of a small pie.

When you tap into the network marketing aspect, you will find unlimited earning potential. With FS mentoring (matching) bonuses, lifestyle pools, and generational & infinity earnings, you are receiving a small piece of a big pie. 

Profit Sharing

The higher you rank, the more profit opportunities you qualify for. 

Lifestyle Bonuses

Pool Bonuses

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