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business training May 22, 2023

From Purium's Business Training Zoom on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 with Dave Sandoval. Join the co-founders every 3rd Tuesday of every month for a special Purium Business Training.



At Purium, we have an economic system we are extremely proud of. As a Purium Brand Partner, you are part of a new, powerful economic system that is changing the world and changing the way that people perceive business. 

Give People Freedom

Purium’s mission is to give people freedom, sustainability, and improve lives. When you pay that mission forward, you are rewarded in two ways. Number one is the financial reward of the compensation Purium gives you. Number two is the gratitude you receive when you helped others reach their health and wealth goals. 

The Purium system can create time and travel freedom 

Unlike most jobs, YOU chose when and where you want to work at Purium. 

Purium creates Community

We have a saying that we are better together. There is no competition amongst Brand Partners, it’s all teamwork. All of our Brand Partners hope that everyone they enroll in their team develops into a powerful Purium community leader.

Our business provides integrity and accountability

Purium’s integrity comes from the fact that we only make the world’s highest-quality products. The accountability comes from the fact that we provide 30 days worth of superfoods with a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Purium also has a world-class eco-solution with the lowest carbon FOODprint in history and biodegradable plant-based packaging. 

When Purium grows…

Imagine a system that when it grows, people will be healthier. Imagine a system that we know that if it grows, more people will have more time with their families. This is the Purium system. When we grow, more and more people are going to live longer, healthier, more fulfilling lives. 

Purium has helped thousands achieve vibrant health and inspired countless others to experience a lasting lifestyle transformation. In addition, we have helped thousands rise out of the “paycheck matrix” and elevate countless others to achieve financial security they never imagine was possible. 

May Marathon

We want to challenge you to get the word out to others about Purium’s economic revolution. We created a May Marathon where you can earn up to 250 GQV points a week. Learn more here.

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Purium is not just changing the way people eat -- we're changing the way they live. We want to spread economic freedom and plant-based wellness. Are you in?