May Marathon 2023

incentives May 22, 2023

The May Marathon is geared towards "the economic revolution that is Purium" - obtaining NEW Brand Partners. Reach out to your customers with the upgrade conversation. Maximum of 750 GQV. Maximum of 250 GQV per week. To maximize the promo, must submit 3 separate lists in 3 separate weeks - by Friday of this week (May 19), Friday of next week (May 26) and final week -  by Tuesday (May 30).

Why are phone numbers important? 

  • In the world of social media, phone numbers are a sign of personal connection. A sign of trust and potential friendship offline.
  • In the world of Purium, trust and friendship are a cornerstone of business success.
  • Gaining a person’s phone number is a big win. It’s a sign that they are interested in knowing more.
  • Reaching out personally via “the old school way” is a great way to show your prospect how much you care.

May Marathon FAQS

  • Is my list of prospects being shared with my Upline Crown?
    • No! Only your name will be shared with your Upline Crown to help mentor you on following up with your list of prospects. 
  • Do you have to talk to them on the phone or can you speak with them in person?
    • Yes, you can speak to them in person. However, you must include their phone number for the important step of following up!
  • If you call them and speak to them voice to voice through social media, do you still need their phone number?
    • Yes. Get their phone number to record on the tracker sheet. This is important for following up!
  • Do you have to get a hold of them and speak, or does it qualify to leave a voice mail and exchange texts / voice memos setting a time to share a call this weekend?
    • Reaching out counts! Be sure to follow-up if you do not hear back.
  • Can you talk to couples at the same time and log them both?
    • Technically you can, yet we encourage you to just find one more person and add them to your list!

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