Amy & Dave February Business Training

business training Mar 15, 2023

On one Tuesday every month, Purium’s own co-founders will give their entrepreneurial insights on how to best grow your business right now! 

February 21, 2023 Call Info:



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Purium Provides An Opportunity for the American Dream

Today’s American Dream isn’t exactly what it used to be. To Amy and Dave, these are some of the qualities they see that make up the modern American Dream. 

  • Be Part of a Community
  • Help Others in Need
  • Work Hard
  • Good Intentions
  • Build Security
  • Enjoy Freedoms
  • Good Values


Whether you are a fitness influence or stay at home parent, Purium provides the opportunity to fufill your dreams. A big reason why is flipping the pyramind system of the majority of current jobs and flipping the entire philosophy on its head.

At Purium, you are your own boss and decide how much you put into your business. Watch Dave dive into this in the video below. You can also find it in Boards > Sharing Purium > The Purium Difference.


Healthy Habits are the Key to Your Business

Habit Formula:


  • Knowledge: what to, why to
  • Desire: want to
  • Skills: how to


Habits become such a huge part of our routine that they become who they are. Do you want to change your life and become a different person? Change or add new habits! Purium helps achieve healthy habits through training, support, and community.

Healthy habits are essential in the number one aspect of growing your Purium business; retention. When you help some develop healthy habits, it will lead to: 

  • Increased retention
  • Increased upsell opportunities
  • Increased referral opportunities
  • More customers upgrading to Brand Partners

That’s why Amy and Dave are so committed to the 90-day ULT Lifestyle programs. They want to help customers form lifelong healthy habits and they want you to earn lifelong customers.

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