September Health and Wealth Transformations - Recaps

business training Sep 26, 2022

Fall may be in full swing, but we’re feeling the Purium sharing economy heating up! 🔥There are so many reasons to be #PuriumProud, and this month, our community is dedicated to showing you! 

Every Monday at 6 pm PT, Purium Co-Founders go LIVE on Zoom with a Brand Partner as they share how Purium makes them proud. Hear stories of how our community has taken charge of their health, and created an income while doing it. 

Feel inspired by September’s Health & Wealth Transformation Zooms. Recaps below. 

Week 1 Equal Opportunity Wealth with Dave Sandoval 

Product Formulator Dave Sandoval kicked off the month by posing a question: what exactly is freedom? And how can the Purium opportunity provide that? 

Did you know Dave lives away from the sprawling buildings and marketplaces that make up big cities, like Los Angeles? In fact, he lives in a place where he can truly feel at peace with himself and Mother Nature. And how was he able to do this? With the Purium economy! 

He spoke about the concept of time freedom (working at any time you want, for any duration of your own choosing), location freedom (working wherever you want), and the freedom to be able to live your life as you see fit. When you take back the time you used to wake up in the morning to get ready for work, the time you used to drive to work, and the time spent coming back, and unwinding, you can become truly powerful. 

This opportunity is open to all with Purium. And that’s one of the reasons we are #PuriumProud

Watch the recap by clicking here.  

Week 2 - Special Surprise Birthday Message for Amy

In a momentous Zoom, 4-Star Crown Ian Farrar celebrated his 19th anniversary with Purium. Ian was the first ever Purium Brand Partner, and he has truly grown his own empire! And so, what a perfect guest to surprise Amy with a special birthday video from our Leaders. 

Happy Birthday, Amy! 

If you would like to hear about the values that have guided her to create a truly life-changing company, full of empathy-centered leaders and wellness warriors, catch this heart-warming recap. 

Special thanks to our leaders for participating, and to Ian and Nayeva for lending their hands to make this possible! 

Watch the recap by clicking here.

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