Meeting the Moment: Purium's August 2022 Health & Wealth Transformation Zoom Recaps

business training Sep 09, 2022

Although the summer is coming to an end, the #phpmoments don’t stop! August was filled with amazing testimonies to inspire your business. 

Every Monday, Purium's Co-owner, Amy Venner, leads a powerful Zoom featuring a Purium Brand Partner. Together, they discuss that guest's transformation journey and how Purium can make a difference physically and financially.

Here is a recap of August. Read and watch to learn how Purium meets the moment. 

Week 1 - Event Success Story with Brandon Oshodin

In 2013, Brandon Oshodin was ranked as one of the most premier trainers not just in the country, but globally! Brandon helped his clients burn body fat and build muscle. With Purium, he has now learned how to address lifestyle as well to take his clients’ health and well-being to the next level. This includes helping people get better sleep, support their gut microbiome, and live higher quality lives. 

Together with his wife Olivia, they have transformed 8000 lives and have risen to become one of Purium’s top and most revered Crowns. They continue to help their community by hosting weekly events. 

Watch replay: 

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Week 2 - Health Professional Carrie Drinkwine

Clinical nutritionist and gut health specialist Carrie Drinkwine supports the health of her clients by meeting the moment. When the world shut down, Carrie was not able to help her clients in her office; however, with Purium, she was able to build her online business and connect with others from afar. 

Carrie has risen to Crown, and now she is helping to build a business for other moms, health practitioners, and even those with no experience in nutrition! She is dedicated to helping everyone discover a healthy and happy life–both in health and wealth. 

Watch replay: 

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Week 3 - Mompreneur with Olivia Oshodin

Together with her husband Brandon, Olivia is spreading health education and quality nutrition in the Columbus, Ohio area. Olivia grew up eating clean, but she actually did not know what it meant for food to be organic. Knowing the difference now, she is able to help educate others and bring them to a higher level of living. 

As a mom with a big heart, Olivia is not only helping other moms take charge of their own health, she is helping them take charge of their time and their income. 

Watch replay: 

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Week 4 - Business Success with Sonia Magruder 

4-Star Crown Sonia Magruder shares how your next Brand Partner can actually be in your customer pool right now! Sonia is truly a product of the product. 9 and a half years ago, Sonia and her husband Doug were working 60 to 70 hours a week in real estate and investing. In addition, they were caregiving for her mother. There was a lot to do, with so little time to do it! 

For Sonia and Doug, a metaphorical check engine light turned on, and they knew they needed to do something to take back control of their lives. With Purium, they were able to make more money while also taking their time back into their hands. 

Watch replay: 

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