Enrolling a Non-Profit with Purium

Uncategorized Nov 22, 2022

"The change we seek begins at home."

In this season of giving, let’s not forget Giving Tuesday! It’s the perfect time to remind you about how Purium gives back to our community by empowering non-profits with all of the benefits of Brand Partnership and none of the costs.

A green economy is a tremendous tool for non-profits as our opportunity allows for limitless earnings without needing to build a typical structure. 

We support nonprofits, and we also allow you to support your favorite nonprofit as well. 

Purium Non-Profit Program

Our mission has always been deeply rooted in giving back to the community. After all, our Purium founders, Amy and Dave, believe wholeheartedly in the spirit of spreading health and joy to the world. We hope you can see this in everything we do (like our latest efforts to cut down on plastic).

Purium Gives offers 500(c)(3) non-profits the opportunity to partner with us and earn money for their organization. So, what exactly are the perks? 

Partnered nonprofits can enjoy the following:

  • 20% of their purchases come back to them in donations
  • Up to 25% for their organization members (after their first purchase)
  • No cost to the organization and no product inventory to handle or distribute

The program is essentially a fundraiser that can help your community be a little healthier.

The Need for Superfoods

What we’re offering is not just a way for nonprofits to raise money, it’s a way for the organization to encourage healthy living and a more plant-based lifestyle. More and more people suffer from health issues related to diet, including:

Our products have helped many people find healthy solutions to these issues–either helping to create an actionable plan that helps manage these symptoms or following a lifestyle where they live virtually symptom-free.


Interested in enrolling your 501(c)(3)or know someone who might be interested? 

Here are the steps:

  1. Head to puriumenrollment.com
  2. Add your Launch Pack. NOTE: The value in your cart will zero out after you choose “Non-profit” and upload a letter of determination before the final checkout screen.
  3. Click next to skip adding extra products (or add in whatever products you’d like to try). NOTE: Although your Launch Pack is free, you will be charged for extra products you add on.
  4. Enter Code of whomever shared about Purium Gives.
  5. Choose “Non-profit” as your account type and upload your letter. (Watch your balance zero out!)
  6. Complete your order and fill the remainder of the form.

We hope to work with you in the future for a better, brighter, and healthier world.

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