Declaration Day: How Everyone Can Earn

incentives Nov 30, 2021

Declaration Day JUST GOT BETTER! 

We doubled the number of points you can earn, added new ways to earn shares, and made shares cumulative! 

Earn your share in: 

  •  A shared pool of 200,000 QV points! (Double the pool points!) 

Want to claim yours? All you need to do is: DECLARE, DEVELOP DIRECTORS, & EARN! 

Declare through your personal Back Office. Log in, then click on Submission Forms. You will see the Declaration Day submission form there.

Director Drive

Developing Directors is an exciting and important part of growing and maintaining your Purium Business.

And now you can earn shares from the 200,00 GQV pool for each Fast Start Director you develop! More points for doing what you want to do anyway!

Declare your intention to develop a Fast Start Director, and then work to achieve it! 

Develop a Fast Start Director or above and earn shares of the 200,000 GQV pool:

  • Fast Start Director = 2 shares & $400 FS Match
  • Fast Start Executive = 4 shares & $1,000 FS Match
  • Fast Start Diamond = 6 shares & $500 FS Match
  • Fast Start Green Diamond = 6 shares & $500 FS Match

Shares & bonuses are CUMULATIVE!

Help your team rank advance to Fast Start Director in just 1+ month with this easy to follow path: 

Declaration Day

Purpose:  Research shows one is 42% more likely to achieve their goals if they are written.  Also sharing your goal with a mentor or someone you respect can be very beneficial in creating self accountability.  This promotion incentivizes you and your team

  • to declare early in the month what rank you are committed to achieve 
  • promotes group accountability toward individual as well as group goals
  • inclusive to everyone on the team
  • rewards and trains the behaviors that the most successful entrepreneurs are using to crush their goals.


Everyone can participate in this awesome promotion by declaring  the rank they are intending to reach by the end of the month, which can include:

  • Rank Advancing  
  • Maintaining Title Rank 
  • Re-achieving Title Rank 

In order to declare your rank, the declaration form must be submitted by the 3rd of each month.

Although it is not required to win, it is strongly encouraged everyone takes a screenshot of their Declaration form and share with their Upline leaders. By doing so, your leaders can help you achieve your goals! 

All ranks starting at Director are available to be declared.  

Declarations must be your title rank or higher to be eligible for the promotional points.


  • 200,000 QV Point Pool

 QV Pool:  For All Who Achieved their Declared Ranks (of title rank or higher)

200,000 QV pool points will be split between those that qualify and added to the following month’s GQV by the close of the first business day.  An amazing way to start the month strong with a new goal and declaration.

The points are distributed according to rank declared and achieved as follows:

  • 1 share - Director
  • 2 shares - Executive
  • 3 shares - Diamond, Green Diamond, Blue Diamond
  • 4 shares - Black Diamond, Red Diamond
  • 5 shares - All Crown ranks

Declared and achieved rank advancers receive double (2x) the share! 




If I declare a rank above what I have already achieved and don't make it, do I get the shares of the rank that I re-ranked at. For example, if I have the highest rank of executive and I declare Diamond for the following month but I didn't reach it, do I get the shares for Executive even though I did not declare a re-rank. 


If someone declares a rank advancement, but doesn't achieve it but re-ranks at their highest title rank, we will still award the points at the re-rank.


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