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incentives Nov 01, 2022

When someone is ready to transform for their first time with Purium, they want to start NOW! Whether hosting a Purium event or meeting up with a new friend one-on-one, you can physically give packs to new face-to-face customers and Brand Partners on the spot so they can start NOW.

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*PLEASE NOTE: A 50 BV Smart Order and DREAMS is needed to access submission forms and be eligible for promo points. 


  1. Have a Smart order of 50 BV on file. Required for all Purium Business Promotions.
  2. Log into your backoffice and click product specials at the top of the page.
  3. Purchase 3 of the eligible Transformation Now packs seen towards the bottom of the page.
  4. During your next live event or one on one meeting with a prospect, have one of your packs ready.
  5. Enroll them as a customer or BP with a 50 BV smart order.
  6. Hand them one of the transformation packs you have on hand and take a picture with them.
  7. Help them order their Featured Pack you handed to them and have it shipped to YOUR address. Ensure their 50+ BV Smart Order will be shipped to THEIR address.
  8. Upload info of new BP or customer to the transformation now submission process in your Back Office including the photo you took.
  9. Congrats! You now qualify for 1 UBT enrollee and 1 Transformation Now enrollee.
  10. Repeat Step 4.

Reminder: To be eligible to earn these GQV points, you must purchase 3 eligible packs in the same order. 



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