Introducing Boards

tools Mar 28, 2022

Boards is an exciting new tool that we are launching to the field in April. Follow these steps on your mobile device to easily add Boards to your phone. 

1. Download the Boards App:



2. Sign up for Boards using the same email address you use for your Purium Business.

3. Click this link:

4. Enter your email address you used to sign up. That email will automatically give you access to the official Purium Board.

5. Enable access to the Boards keyboard. You should get a notification after logging in to enable the keyboard. If not, perform the following steps: 

For Apple: Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Add a New Keyboard > Select Boards > Allow Full Access

For Android: Go to Settings > Type "Manage Keyboards" in Search Bar > Toggle Boards Keyboard On

What Is Boards?

Boards is a sales support platform that allows mobile-first sales teams to achieve better results by allowing their marketing and sales content to be stored directly into their phone’s keyboard. All content is just a few taps away! 

Boards is available in any app that has access to your phone’s keyboard function. You can continue to use the messaging or social app you are most comfortable with, and still have  everything you need to communicate efficiently right on your keyboard.  

Why It’s a Game Changer

With the help of Crown leaders Cindi Kelly, Seema, and Ra of Earth, we spent countless hours developing this tool to make finding Purium assets as simple as possible. All the things that you wished you had and constantly searched for are a thing of the past. Boards makes it easy and convenient to find and share all of this information.

The true magic behind Boards is the keyboard functionality. Rather than finding content and having to copy and paste scripts, images, flyers, or anything else you might send to someone, Boards will plug that information directly into the message for you. 

Watch Cindi Kelly walk you through it below:

What’s In the Purium Official Board? 

For an overview of all the things you'll find in the Purium Official Board, click here.

Boards Training

Every Tuesday night at 6:00pm PT in April 2022, 2 Star Crowns Cindi Kelly and Seema will guide you through the ins and outs of the Boards keyboard tool! Each week will consist of basic training followed by a Q&A so that you can get support every step of the way!

April 5: Welcome to Boards

Click HERE for the replay. 

April 12: Boards Walkthrough of First 4 Folders

Click HERE for the replay.

April 19: Boards Walkthrough of Final 4 Folders

Click HERE for the replay.

April 26: Next Level Boards Tips

Do you have suggestions or content you would like to see in the Boards app? Let us know here.

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