Facts Tell, Stories Sell

business training Nov 27, 2021

The phrase “facts tell, stories sell” is a famous quote in the world of sales. As the saying suggests, in order to sell, you need to give them the a reason to act. A story emotionalizes information, fuels connection, and is more engaging than just providing data and facts.

Stories give a personal touch that just can’t be established through facts and figures. Just think about it: would you rather be told that someone has lost a certain amount of weight or would you rather see it with your own eyes? 

There are three stories that you need to master to effectively connect with people throughout your Purium journey. 


How did Purium’s products change how you look, feel, and perform? Being as what Amy Venner calls a “product of the product” is a huge sign that you stand by what you represent, and it will greatly enhance your credibility when interacting with prospects.

Plus, experiencing the product first hand enables you to confidently assist your prospects in their journey, squashing doubt along the way.


How will having an additional stream of Purium income change your financial situation and stress level? Saying you made X amount of dollars is nice, but what truly stands out is how those dollars have given you something you wouldn’t have had without Purium. 

So, think: how is your life easier or better with additional income? Were you able to splurge on a gift for your loved one? Were you able to afford tuition for your child’s education? These stories are powerful! 


Why Purium and why now? What part of the mission most resonates with you? The people you interact with probably haven’t heard of Purium. Why should they?

It could be our plastic-free packaging mission, our commitment to quality ingredients or anything else. There are many people with the same interests you have, and sharing those interests connects you to this audience. 

If you're worried or unsure of the best way to articulate your stories, your Sponsor or upline will help! We also created this worksheet to point you in the right direction! 

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