Follow-Up Marketing with Existing & Inactive Customers

business training May 24, 2021

Easily retain and upgrade customers through friendly follow-ups every month. Use this BP Weekly Tracker & Funnel to track your activity and names of customers who are Upgrade prospects.

Reach Back to All Loyal Customers 

While Purium Corporate sends all of your customers and Brand Partners emails about promos and product spotlights, the most successful way to inspire someone to order is from a personal email or text message. 

Keep scrolling for instructions and copy/paste scripting to create your own monthly follow-up campaign. We will update this copy every month (at the beginning of the month), so you always have some fresh messaging.

We encourage you to edit the verbiage so it includes your personal touch!

Don't be nervous to reach back to your "inactive" customers (those who have stopped ordering their Purium). There are many reasons why someone stops ordering: money, life challenges, loss of good habits, etc. Offer a lifeline to those customers who haven’t ordered in awhile. Chances are, they are in desperate need for some self-love.



Steps to Send a Mass Email to Your Customer List 

Here are the step-by-step instructions. If you have any issues or questions, connect with your Enroller or Upline leader!

  • Open a blank email (use an email account that you will access regularly)
  • Put your email address in the “To” cell (you will place all your Customers in the BCC cell so they do not see the full list of recipients)
  • Add a Subject line: “How are you doing?”
  • In another browser, login to your Back Office (
  • Go to the “Organization” tab and select “Loyal Customers”
  • Click the "Export This Page to Excel" Tab (in the upper left corner)
  • Highlight and copy all your Customer emails from (Column E) 
  • Paste into the your email draft's “BCC” cell. This is VERY IMPORTANT, because you do not want everyone in your mailing list to see other people’s email addresses 
  • Next, Copy/Paste/Edit this email (please edit for personal touch)

Hi health friends!

I just wanted to reach out to a few of my favorite people and see how everyone’s feeling. Purium has it’s biggest sale right now, and I know many of us (like me) could all use an extra push towards our own self-care.

Here’s what we have going on now: Product Specials

Additionally, we have an amazing business promo that may appeal to you, too: Buy an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and get your own Gift Code (FREE) to share Purium and make money. If you are eager to launch your own business, I'm happy to help you earn $2500 in bonuses (that doesn't even include your base commissions and other bonus opportunities).

Please let me know if you have any questions or want to chat! Although this is a mass email, I’m always happy to text or schedule a phone call. Just respond to this email and let me know a good day/time that works.

I hope this email brightens your day and I look forward to hearing from you soon!



Phone Calls, Text Messages and/or Private Messages 

What you say to someone depends on who they are, how you two know each other and what kind of interests they have. In your texting, you want to ask questions that can create a dialogue where you can also share your Purium story in an organic way.

Start off with, “"Hi, I've been thinking about you.” and add a question:

  • "Hi, I've been thinking about you. How are you doing during this craziness?"
  • "Hi, I've been thinking about you. How’s your family?"
  • "Hi, I've been thinking about you. Are you working remotely?"
  • "Hi, I've been thinking about you. Have you been working out?"
  • "Hi, I've been thinking about you. Have you been cooking a lot?"
  • "Hi, I've been thinking about you. How have you been grocery shopping?"
  • "Hi, I've been thinking about you. Are you practicing self-care?

If they are in a difficult situation (employment, mood, health, etc.): 

  • “I am so sorry to hear this. I was also in a difficult place a few months ago…(candidly share a bit of that story)”
  • “I am so sorry to hear this. My friend was in the same place just a few months ago…(candidly share a bit of that story)” 

If they are doing great and don’t share any issues:

  • “That’s amazing! Want to do a cleanse with me?”
  • “That’s amazing! I would LOVE to work with those good vibes every day. Have you ever thought about becoming a Brand Partner?”


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