Health and Wealth Zoom with Amy Venner: Recaps

Uncategorized Jul 25, 2022

Ready to change your life? Are you or someone you know ready to:

  • Take charge of your health?
  • Take charge of your wealth?  

Every Monday, Purium's Co-owner, Amy Venner, leads a powerful Zoom featuring a Purium Brand Partner. Together, they discuss personal transformation journeys: both physically and financially.

Catch replays and recaps here.

July 11 - Guest: Eric Misch 

From burnt-out corporate executive to thriving entrepreneur, 3-Star Crown Eric was working 60 to 80 hours a week. Yes, you read that right–in just one week! While having access to benefits and a pretty good salary, he traded in so much of his life in exchange for these perks. With limited resources but high expectations at work, his emotional and physical health eventually began to take a toll too. 

In 2012, Eric’s life changed forever, all thanks to 1 simple gift card code. Now, he has found true freedom all while creating income at the same time, and teaching others to do the same. 

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Health & Wealth Transformations from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

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July 18 - Guest: Margherita Di Bari

As an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pro, Margherita trains hard to get her results. In fact, her efforts earned her a Pro Card in 2016. (A Pro Card is a huge signifier of achievement and skill in IFBB.) But one thing she noticed is that part of her health started to decline while focusing on bodybuilding alone. 

While not feeling supported by Western medicine in helping to get her nutrition in a more balanced state, she took her own journey with holistic nutrition to nourish and nurture her gut health. Soon, she met with a Purium Diamond Leader, and realized this is exactly where she needed to be. Now as a Fast Start achiever, she has earned an income while building a community, rank advancing to Diamond herself as well! 

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Success Highlight: Margherita D. from Purium Transformation Company on Vimeo.

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