How To Purchase Purium Gift Cards, Banners & Tablecloths

events tools May 13, 2022

Looking for signage for your next Purium event? We have you covered! While purchasing banners from us is not yet possible, we can provide the assets you need to create at your convenience. 

For your convenience, we have provided Gift Cards, Banners and Table Cloth images to create signage with a third party vendor. 

To purchase tablecloths and banners from our 3rd party vendor, follow these steps: 

Step1: Download the artwork  


Green Gift Cards

White Gift Cards

White Blender Gift Cards





Step 2: 

Navigate here to purchase banners

Navigate here to purchase tablecloths


Step 3: 

Banners -  select “Single Sided” and 33” x 81”

Tablecloths - select size: 6” > type: “Standard” > printing option: “All-over print” 


Step 5:

Click “Upload design”


Step 6:

Click “Upload Your Design” and then “Upload logo or image”


Step 7:

Click “Next”


Step 8:

Click “YES. Everything looks great. I’ve reviewed and approved.” and “Continue”


Step 9: 

Click “continue to cart”


Step 10: 

Click “Checkout”


Step 11:

Sign in or create an account


Step 12:

Enter shipping and billing information


Step 12:

Click “pay & place order”


Click HERE to watch video of this process.

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