Leslie Zann August 2022 Zoom Recaps

business training Aug 31, 2022

Customer Service Practice: August 2, 2022

At Purium, we’re dedicated to creating a customer experience second to none. Leslie revealed our NEW Customer Service Practice! During this call, Leslie shared tips, scripts, and concepts that will result in higher retention, upselling, referrals, and upgrades. 

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Creative Events for End of Summer: August 9, 2022

What’s your favorite event? At Purium we have a variety of ways to introduce prospects to the Purium Economy. From a Launch Event to a Team or Corporate zoom to a Group Transformation - guest driven events are a proven way to share Purium. Leslie and Crown leaders Carrie Drinkwine and Olivia Oshodin shared how to make your events fun and effective!

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The Purium Economy: August 16, 2022

Do people ask you what they can earn by building a Purium business? Leslie and 4 Star Crown Sonia Magruder reviewed the Purium Income Disclosure Statement - and how it will support your prospecting efforts. Learning to effectively discuss Purium's income potential will give you confidence and credibility.

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Reach Out Scripts to close sales & Maximize UBT & UBT Summer Accelerator: August 23, 2022

How often do you - or someone on your team ask - “What do I say?” Leslie, Blue Diamond Tammy Hauck, and Red Diamond Terri Rodriquez showed proven scripts that will make reaching out more fun, authentic and successful. This call will make you jump on the phone with fresh confidence and enthusiasm.

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End of Month Huddle: August 30, 2022

With only one day left in August, Leslie decided it was best for a shortened zoom to make sure you had plenty of time to reach your August goals. This 30-minute huddle with 2 Star Crown Mary Beth Flemming and Crown Leader Brandon Oshodin will create clarity, excitement, and results!

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