Leslie Zann December 2022 Zoom Recaps

Uncategorized Dec 14, 2022

December 6, 2022: Seasonal Strategies

December is here. What does your action plan look like? As you move through the month, you are entering the #1 sales, networking and social time of the year. Leslie's #1 tip during this pivotal period; journal everything. Not only will you be a better leader next year, but you'll be better working with your team because of all the notes you took.

As Leslie has said numerous times, seasons aren't slow, people are. Despite the holidays, it's very possible to have a record breaking month if you stay in action.

A few quick tips:

  • Make your month before the holiday
  • Follow up with your momentum from November
  • Keep adding to your list
  • Commit to succeed your November numbers
  • Design your time commitment now
  • Come up with 3-5 creative ways to carve out more Purium time
  • Early month activity is critical


December 13, 2022: Seasonal Strategies

Leaders are always looking ahead! With less than 3 weeks until the New Year, it’s imperative you have a clear action plan for working through the holidays and into 2022. In addition to all of your Purium goals, Leslie wants you thinking about:

  • health
  • relationships
  • career
  • creative expression
  • adventure
  • service.
  • spirituality


December 20, 2022: Tips from the Top

Success leaves clues! Especially at this time of the year! 5-Star Crown Melissa Hanson filled in for Leslie this week and shared some of her top tips for being a successful Brand Partner. Those tips include:

  • Staying plugged into Purium Zooms
  • Personal development 
  • Journaling
  • Know who to qualify


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