Leslie Zann July 2022

business training Jul 11, 2022

July 19 - Purium Point Parade

Do you have a goal to promote in Rank this summer? Are you aware of all the incentives available to EARN qualifying points?

The generosity of Amy and Dave was on full display on Tuesday, July 19 as Leslie reviewed the Purium Points Parade with special guests: 2 Star Crowns Seema and Michelle Boersma, and Crown leaders Olivia and Brandon Oshodin and Carrie Drinkwine!

They’ll march from Widen your Reach through UBT Accelerator and share their tips, tricks, and stories to help make this summer your best yet!

 Click HERE for the full replay! 

July 12 - More from Purium Partners

On Tuesday, July 12, Leslie hosted our second Purium Partner call with two special guests: Peter Rosen, partner of Black Diamond, Jenn Rosen, and Sebastian Acevedo, partner of Diamond Leader, Jeannie Acevedo.

These men shared stories of how Purium has transformed the quality of their lives and their belief in the business model. They shared pride in their wives’ ability to lead, mentor, and inspire their teams. And they both were committed to support their partner in every way.
May we all have supportive partners in our lives!

Visit our Fresh & New folder in Boards to find the replay link to the July 12th Purium Partner call AND follow-up scripts. These are compelling assets to support those prospects whose partners need to know more about Purium.

Go to Boards < Fresh & New < Purium Partners

Click HERE for the full replay! 

July 5 - Summer Mindset

Welcome to the Summer Season! Are you ready to navigate this important 90-day period? On the July 5th Leslie & Leaders zoom, Leslie was joined by 2 Star Crown Michelle Boersma, 4 Star Crown Sonia Magruder, and 5 Star Crown Melissa Hanson. Together, they discussed the current incentives, and how they can expand your summer season success!

In addition, Leslie delivered a Summer Action Plan to help you navigate this important 90-day season. July, August, and Sept are pivotal months - and tailor-made for your Purium business. 

Here are five key take-aways from the call:   

  1. Revise your hours of operation to fit the season
  2. Be consistent in your activities
  3. Reflect on the VALUE  you place on your Purium Business - and let it drive you
  4. Turn any summer distractions into benefits for business growth
  5. PACE is a CHOICE!

 Click HERE for the full replay! 

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