Leslie Zann November 2022 Zoom Recaps

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2022

November 8, 2022: November Action Plan

US Thanksgiving is just weeks weeks away. What does your November action plan look like? As you move through the month, you are literally building towards the #1 sales, networking and social time of the year. Purium is tailor made to capitalize on this exciting timeframe.

A few tips from Leslie:

  • Whenever a holiday shortens the month, shorten it on your terms
  • Schedule your time early
  • Craft social posts revolving around the holiday dates
  • Just say yes


November 15, 2022: Gratitude

The theme for November is Gratitude. Leslie discussed how to turn the gratitude you feel for your Purium business into fresh passion, courage and action! This call will shift the way you see your Purium business and your potential for greatness!


November 22, 2022: November Seasonal Strategies

Are you ready for one of the most productive weeks of the year? Purium is making the start of the holiday season especially exciting for you, your prospects, customers and team! Leslie was joined by 4 Star Crown, Sonia Magruder as they lay out the Purium “specials” and give tips to put them into immediate action!


November 29, 2022: Month-End Huddle

Leslie wass joined by 4-Star Crown Eric Misch for an exciting MONTH-END HUDDLE! You have two full days left to meet or exceed your November goals and drive into December!! This 30-minute huddle will create clarity, excitement, and results!

A few end of month tips:

1. Maintain the goal to be in the green

2. Keep talking transformation

3. Gift sampler packs

4. Make sure your team knows what to do

5. Stay active on social media

6. Follow up

7. Share stories

8. Hold a virtual event

9. One day marathon


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